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    My son has a (first evaluation.) of ODD/Mood Disorder not otherwise specified and Learning Disorder not otherwise specified. I just received the report but have yet to talk with his Psy. Dr. about the report.

    An Aunt in my husbands family is a school principal. So I called her to see what I should do when it comes to school right now. Do I talk with them now about son's Learning Disability (LD) and things going on or do I wait. She suggested I call them and inform them that he's had an evaluation. it found a Learning Disability (LD), MD, and ODD. Also said I should give them a copy of the report and request a 504. She told me to stay calm and understanding and not become the over bearing parent. I have no intentions of becoming the over bearing parent to the school. I want to work with them as a team and keep on good grounds with getting him what he needs. Which is not even something I fully know just yet as I don't know what kind of Learning Disability (LD) he has.

    So with saying that, I called his school yesterday bright and early. Transfered me to a Social worker who's voice mail answered. Left a message. Haven't heard from her yet.

    Ok, So also know my son needs two interventions from the school. One I know about right now.. Peer Mediation once a week. So, we have that request from the school. What would be an intervention that the school might do? I'm not even sure what that means? He may have had some last year and I never knew about it? I dunno.

    I'm lost when it comes to this stuff. I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to school stuff.

    Had conf. meetings with one of his teachers last week. Son at that time had a couple D's, F, one B, and two C. Today I look online and he has 3 f's, 3 D's, and one C.

    He's been doing homework at home but not turning it in for math class. All the other classes I have no idea what he's doing, until now where I can see it online (just learned how to check that finally thanks to one of his teachers!). He has TONS of stuff out for homework or things he could have gotten grades for. From the sounds of it, he won't be able to make up what's already passed. So I'm trying to work with him now that I can see all the stuff he has out online daily and try to get it in.

    How many days should I wait for her to call me back before I call again? Should I provide the full report to them?
    Can I request anything from his teachers in the meantime or tell them anything?

    I know how to be proactive for my son but this report has put me into circles because I don't know where to start. It's just a bit overwhelming. You all know that.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Hi mamaof2,

    The first thing you need to do is to send a registered letter to your Director of Pupil Services for the school district you are in, requesting an evaluation be done on your child. I must mention to you that a 504 plan does not give you a legal footing if the school does not do what it says it will for your child. If your child is in need a services you want to go for an IEP (Individualized Education Program) that is tailored to the specifics of your child's issues and diagnosis's. School district's do not want to spend money on services and therefore a 504 does not require them to legally do what they say they are going to do for you. An IEP on the otherhand means that they have to do what they say they are going to do and if not you could take them to court.

    I have a difficult child and from the time he was 3.5 I tried to get him involved with-the SD. They did a short evaluation and said he did not qualify. We checked in with-them every 6 months until difficult child went to Kindergarten. By then they were talking 504, decided to give him a month, but even then they realized that he qualified for an IEP. We did give them any and all info up front in terms of medications, doctors, diagnosis's and our neuropsychologist testing. I have been one of the very few fortunate ones to have a very awesome SD in that they have worked with-us and for us, giving difficult child a para in Kindergarten and now 1st grade, special accomodations and now finally since it is warranted an out of district placement that is going to cost 30,000 or more a year.

    I know it is scary, I hoped my experience has helped a little. Others will be along to tell you of theirs.
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    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate it!

    Today son says he got pulled out of Math class and was given a reading test. Teacher told him everyone has to do it. Red flag? I didn't know about it. I highly doubt that every kid is taking the "reading" test. I have a feeling they are doing their own thing behind the scenes before calling me back. I leave a message saying I need to talk to them about my son and what is going on "Learning Disability (LD)" and they do a test behind my back.

    I'm so frustrated.

    Still no phone call from the social worker.
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    I disagree with-your Aunt.

    Ask for an evaluation in writing and via Certified Mail. There are sample letters in the Sp Ed Archives.

    I agree that 504 is not the way to go. Besides being near worthless, you want an appropriate evaluation done. If for some reason your child doesn't qualify for an IEP, then fall back on the 504.

    There's a Getting Started thread in the Archives that many find helpful. I was all pretty confusing when I first was introduced to IDEA/IEP and Section 504. Lots of other good info there also.

    Welcome to the forum.:D