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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, May 6, 2008.

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    I just found myself with a few minutes this morning and was so happy to have time to pop in. You are all my huge safey net on those days when I feel like I'm drowning. I am sorry that I haven't been here to be more supportive but I promise to try harder to balance my life to have more "me" time. That and fight difficult child harder for the computer. This WOW thing is my enemy lol!

    difficult child (d) just won an award for creative writing. He wrote a shape poem. Only 6 3rd graders (out of about 75) were recongnized. I was so proud. I have something to frame!

    This summer should be very full. The daycare does 3 field trips a week, I'm taking off Thursdays to do fun things, Tues and Wed are tutoring and MWF will be Tae Kwan Do. This is the first "sport/activity" he has actually asked to do. I hope he really does like it. He NEEDS some exercise and I'm hoping this summer helps. I'm worried about his eating, he is out of control. The less time we have at home near the fridge the better.


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    Sounds like someone is having a good day! :) To have Summer planned is one big thing off a to-do-list. Congratulations to difficult child on the poem. I always love to read whatever my children write.

    The computer thing is funny. This is my difficult child's computer but I am on it way more often. He likes to charge me for it. If I ever have to cough up the money, I will be in debtor's prison for forever and he will be set for life.
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    Hi Michele,
    great update! Nice to see you.
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    Way to go, difficult child. Tell him his Board Auntie's are so proud of him.

    Nice to see you, Michele!
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    Great news Michelle, and nice to see you.