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Just surfing through and though I'd post an update.

Oldest is still working as a waitress, no major crises lately. She is still a pain pill addict; we recently discovered that the few pills left in Youngest's bottle of percocet were replaced with an antibiotic that looked similar. Luckily none were taken by Youngest. Oldest, of course, denies all knowledge.

Youngest is 8 weeks away from giving birth to my first grandchild, still living with me. Was working at a local grocery store up until the end of December, when health issues became too much. She is currently in the hospital with her FIFTH round of kidney stones during this pregnancy. She is really having a rough time. She is still "dating" the baby's father, who is still an abusive jerk, but I'm hoping the mama bear instincts will kick in when the baby is born and she'll finally kick him to the curb. Her moods have been relatively stable, and she seems to be really maturing a lot. We'll see how she does after the baby is born. She seems MOTIVATED to work as soon as she is physically able, and that is a huge thing for her.

I don't have much time to check in any more, I'm crazy busy at work... but I try to read when I can. You guys are still awesome as always :)


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Hi there, Crazy ~

It was nice to see your name up here again. Glad that things have calmed down for your girls. Keeping fingers crossed for oldest. It sounds like she is trying to get her feet on the ground. Good for her. Addiction to pain pills when you really do have pain must be a terrible thing to beat.

Wishing well with the new grandbaby.

Do we know yet whether the new baby will be a boy or a girl?



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Crazy, I'm sorry I missed this somehow. Thanks for the update. It's always nice to see you. :smile:


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Nice to see you!

OUCH! Sorry to hear about difficult child's kidney stones. been there done that and hope never to have another one again. Have they tested to see what her stones are made up of? It lets them give her an alternate diet plan to reduce the formation of stones. (helped me TONS)

Congrats on the soon to be grandson!