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I'm making a memory book for my 5th graders. In it I am including a letter to my class with memories of each child, results from a survey about the best things that have happened in class, favorite subject, memories, etc...

I'm also including funny future career predictions.

I also want to include some inspirational poetry and/or quotes. I have done these in the past but not in awhile and am looking for some different quotes and poetry.

These are 5th graders so I'm looking for ones that are appropriate for 10-11 year olds.

Any ideas?


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Been awhile since I've been around this age, but do remember my daughter always like Shel Silverstein--Where the Sidewalk Ends? You have probably already used this before, but did make an impression on my daughter....

Also even though the kids are 10-11 Dr. Seuss always brings a smile to young faces and maybe fleeting memories of younger years....

I'm sure others will come along with "fresher" ideas, just wanted to get something started for you.....

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Thanks! I am going to include some parts of "Oh the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Suess in the book. I will look into some ideas from Where the Sidewalk Ends!