QVC, does anybody watch it or shop?


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I loooovvve having QVC on for 'background' noise. I also do sit and watch it at times. I do shop, too.
And, every night, it is on our tv in our bedroom and we fall asleep to it. My poor husband. Lol.

So, curious how many others on here, watch it or shop?

Which hosts do you love? Or not?

What are your favorite products that they sell?

I like the makeup shows, even though I only wear makeup to church or kid events where other moms will be. I also LOVE Christmas in July.


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I watch it occasionally. I purchased my Vitamix and my Kitchenaid mixer. I like that you can break the payments up on some big ticket items.
I have also purchased some jewelry.
I like that they show different products that you might not find in a store.
Happy shopping


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I love easy pay, too. We have bought our Dyson, a nice camera, my Pilates machine and other stuff on easy pay! :D
I see Mary Beth has returned after her bad car accident.


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I dint know MB had a bad car accident!?!
I watch it now and then.
I watched it a little more when Lisa was on.
I've always wondered what the back story was to her leaving.
It seems Antonella is on weird hours lately, but I'm not exactly sure because I'm not a steady viewer.
It seems one (ok, me) can quickly go into soap opera mode for some weird reason with the hosts!!!!
Oh, I like the make up they sell as well!
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I taught one of the hosts . . . Courtney Cason. She is my daughter's age and they were friends in middle school.

I occasionally shop at QVC. I have bought a couple of clothing and makeup items. I find their prices kind of high, though. I can usually find the same items cheaper with a thorough google search. I also hate to pay shipping. I am used to my free two day shipping through Amazon prime!



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I think that channel is in our cable package...but I never watch it. About 5 years ago, while on vacation and saw it, I ordered a scrapbooking kit. KSM


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I definitely am a little addicted to Amazon prime.
Me, too. I really like that Amazon Prime provides free returns for most clothing and shoes. It makes it so easy to order several sizes and then send back the ones that don't fit.


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Love my Amazon Prime! We actually got to tour one of the Amazon warehouses (Chattanooga), back in May. How cool that was! What a great place to work! They offer LOTS of employee perks.

If I were young & lived near a warehouse, I'd def work at one. There was a very wide range of employee ages, 18ish up to 60ish.

I also have a dream to be a QVC model. Lol. That job also looks so fun! And they get so many free products.

I agree. With shipping they can be high. But I've been able to get some high priced items on easy pay, not having to use credit card.

A few months ago, Mary Beth supposedly got hit by someone...and had some serious injuries. I'm glad she's back. She seems SO sweet. And happy.

Lisa R. has some new jewelry line. You can see her FB page, she's very interactive with her "following", on it. [emoji6]