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    Thank you all for responding. Your answers are exactly what I feel is right in my gut. This little boy has so much going on, and the name calling is only making it worse. He really is a sweet child. As for the mom and her teenage students, it makes me sick!!! She is very inappropriate with them. The sad part is these kids dont really have good experiences in their own lives so they tolerate her behavior just to fit in and belong. Her behavior makes them very uncomfortable, you can see it in their face. She treats them like peers, like a young teenage girl seeking attention from the boys. She flirts with one in particular, I really think she would cross the line with him. She is a very heavy woman and I dont think she gets attention from males her own age who really cant benefit from her. The boys give her that attention only to get something in return. They get a pseudo (sorry cant spell that one) family and get to go places they wouldn't ordinarily go. It's really pathetic.

    So, thank you all. I will take your advice and report her tomorrow, I will give the name of the school she works in and give the students names as well. I will keep you posted.
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    Good Girl.....You have to do this for those kids......I'm proud of you...I'm with you in spirit!
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    Please keep us posted I only hope CPS helps the poor baby may God be with him....
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    We're all behind you.

    Go warrior mom!
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    You are doing the right thing!