Re: Looking for homeopathic route! Please help!

Tell the Dr. if they want to see the "REAL" child they can keep him till you get some medications..
YIKES Poor thing.
I have tons of links for you to look up. First off I would suggest you could try the Blue green algae for him. It's supposed to be the natures ritalin. Seems to work pretty good. Im not gonna suggest you buy it from these guys, theres is very expensive. I have found it in health food stores much cheaper. They claim theirs is the best, of course!! but you can read about it on this site!
Next do some reserach into vitamins and minerals.

If you want any more info please let me know. I took my girl to a clinic in Illinois, The pfeiffer clinic. It really has saved my girls life!!!! They put her on a vitamin therapy that really has helped her alot!!! and from most of the research I have done sense then, all of it tells me too keep using what they have told me to give her??? did that make any sense?

If you want to talk I have ICQ and AOL, and Yahoo pager.. Just let me know....
Take care

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Hi, If you are looking to homeopathic treatment we used stramonium but you will need to see a homeopath to be diagnosed first.


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Also on vitamin therapy
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Hi Mickey:

I have my 2 boys on passionflower, evening primrose oil, and vit C. While this doesn't stop the blow-ups they are going to bed on time now and sleep really well through the night.

An interesting affect that we have noticed: the younger of the boys is still defiant but all the while he defies his body is doing what I ask! The other night needed them to get in the car as had to pick up easy child. My difficult child was saying NO No NO all tthe time by walked over to the car and got in. Even after the door close he still continued the you can't make me stuff! Funny! like the mouth is sayin no but the body was saying yes. This has happened a couple of times in the last week, don't quite no what to make of it but it works!

The older one also had a problem at school and before I started with these products things would have gotten out of hand and he would have taken off out the door etc. Well the other day when problem happened he just stood outside the classroom door, no fuss. I came when he didn't expect me and said lets go for lunch (it was 10:45) and off we went quitely! I was amazed!

They both have a lot of therapy but until the alt medications I have not seen so much improvement!

I am one happy mom!


mom to 2 boys with ODD - recent diagnosis - no medication but looking at homeopathy as alternative

Thank you all so very much for your suggestions and your success stories. I have so much to go on now. I felt so lost, alone and scared. Now I'm still kind of scared but atleast I'm not lost and alone!! I'll keep you posted and I'll share whatever I find!
Thanks again!!!

Can you use evening primrose oil or any of the others with prescribed drugs? My difficult child doesn't go to sleep very well, although it's much better since he isn't taking Ritalin anymore.


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My son is taking essential fatty acid oil and he is on Ritalin and antidepressants. This has been a lifesaver for us and him, as he still was very defiant even with the medication. He still has good days and bad days, but NOTHING like he was. EFA's is a treatment I think most doctors ignore because they haven't any experience with it. If your child's diet is as bad as mine he/she may need EFAs. Flax oil, primrose oil, EFALEX, etc. can be purchased at WalMart. It only took a week for me to notice a big improvement in my child.

I paid a lot of money to consult
with a homeopathic physician who
prescribed HYOSCYAMUS NIGER 200X.
You won't see the 200x strength on
shelves at natural food stores,
but they can order it for you. I
paid about $6 for a little bottle
of pellets. Hyoscyamus is
indicated for agitation. The
strength of 200X is considered a
"constitutional" remedy, which
should only need to be repeated
once every couple of months. Take
5 pellets under the tongue for the
first dose. You should notice
improvement in your child's
behavior within a week or two.
Currently, I'm giving my daughter
a dose about every 6 weeks and
should be able to taper off to 2-3
month intervals soon. It's
helping us a lot, as is the
Feingold Diet (which is a pain in
the neck but ultimately worth the
hassle!). We still have a long
way to go. We recently stopped
taking prozac (myself as well as
my daughter) and have used the
recommended dose of 900 mg. daily
of St. John's Wort with superior
results. Now I need to find a
natural alternative for her
bi-polar mood swings.

difficult child - 5-year-old girl with ODD,
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and bi-polar disorder.