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    I found this Reading Rubric on-line on a Kindergarden's Teacher page. In the 4th grade, difficult child's Language Arts' teacher used it in conjunction with a reading benchmark.

    6 - Exceptional Reader
    Reads and understands advanced materials
    Enjoys pursuing own interests independently
    Can summarize concisely
    Makes inferences and uses text to support ideas
    Uses wide range of strategies to deal with difficult tasks

    5 - Strong Reader
    Reads and understands books appropriate for grade level and above
    Reads during silent reading
    Selects appropriate books independently
    Can summarize what was read
    Makes inferences
    Has strategies to deal with unfamiliar material

    4 - Capable Reader
    Reads and understands grade-appropriate books
    Selects appropriate books independently
    Begins to make inferences
    Can re-tell a story
    Uses reading strategies for meaning

    3 - Developing Reader
    Reads and understands shorter books with simple narratives
    Relies on rereading familiar books
    Needs help reading and understanding grade- appropriate books

    2 - Limited Reader
    Reads and understands very easy and familiar material
    Has difficulty with unfamiliar material
    Rarely chooses to read for pleasure
    Needs a great deal of support in all areas

    1 - Emergent Reader
    Needs support in all areas
    Rarely uses reading strategies