Really Bad Weekend Turning Into Bad Week


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Hey all, sorry I havent really had the time to introduce myself except with a couple of quick questions about SSI. But here I am today to ask for help and support. Sunday after church, my 7 year old son (diagnosis with cd, and now they are looking at anxiety) left his favorite soccer ball in the street and it got run over by a car. He came in and demanded another soccer ball (he has 3) and I told him no. He went outside and starting yelling at his sisters for leaving his soccer ball in the street. I talked to him and explained that he is the one who left it there in the street. He went outside and took the ball and was hitting my van leaving marks in the side of it. When he got tired of that, he took the ball and started kicking the storm door trying to break the glass. We got through that ordeal.


My son was playing basketball by himself and the neighbors 11 year old son and his friend came up to my son and hit the ball out of hands. The neighbors sons friend then grabbed my son, wrapped a rusty wire around his hand and jerked it, causing a cut on my sons hand with some swelling. I called the police and they brushed it off and put the blame on my son! How traumatic for him. And then the nightmares started.


Yesterday, he got off the bus and started throwing sticks at some workers. He hit one of them in the head. These workers have been nothing but nice to my son, even giving him foreign money from time to time. My son has helped these workers (construction) by doing odd jobs (moving old boards, stuff like that).

Today, I finally got in touch with his therapist and she feels this is tranference. I am sooo lost. We were progressing and now I feel like I have gone 20 steps backwards. My son is more violent, weepy, demanding, and I am just waiting for the "black rage" to emerge. I am not sure if the storm door will make it through this (had to replace hinges as he tore the door off).

He is on Abilify 15mg, Medadate CD 20mg, Prevacid, and Flonase.

Calgon, take me away!



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Hi, Rachel (pretty name). Welcome. I have a few questions that could help us. First of all, who diagnosed him? CD is not really a diagnosis that is meant for little guys, and I'm wondering if he's been evaluated by a Psychiatrist or a neuropsychologist. CD is for people over 18 and is usually co-morbid with another psychiatric has a gloomy prognosis, and I'm just guessing that this diagnosis is possibly not right. For MY is Prevacid and Flonase? This is my opinion. I would not put a violent child on a stimulant...there's a chance he could have a mood disorder rather than ADHD and Metadate or any stimulant could make him even worse. Has he ever tried a mood stabilizer (Lithium, Lamictal, Depakote, Trileptal, Tegretal)? Any mood disorders, substance abuse, suicide attempts in the family tree on either side? Neurological problems? In my experience (I have bipolar and son is on the autism spectrum) Therapy doesn't work until the person is stable, and your son sounds far from that. If he hasn't been evaluated by a neuropsychologist (they do intensive testing) and/or a Psychiatrist (the guy with the MD), I'd want to do that. I'm leery of diagnoses that therapists make--they don't really have the training to know about all the different disorders and what they look like. As for what you can do--I don't believe your child is in control of himself, and in my opinion he needs the right medications to help him before anything will work. Even if he's seeing a Psychiatrist, I'd get a second opinion, since the treatment is obviously not working. It could be he has something that has been missed. More people will drop by and put in their two cents. I'm sorry you and your child are having such a hard time. I really don't think he intentionally wishes to be bad--in my opinion he's sick and needs a different type of help.


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I disliked the name Rachel until well into my adult years, but Thank You. My son goes to MUSC ( Medical University of South Carolina). Dr. Fermo does an evaluation and prescribes his medications every 30 days. No sucide on the family tree, but ex husband (daddy) has every symptom of cd. I am on Medicaid and I was referred to MUSC, and I dont know where to turn. His therapist and I are trying to get him to get in touch with his emotions, so that he can get control of them. His teacher at school is a lost cause, principle thinks the teacher is just fine, even though I brought up that I felt she was not capable to handle my son. I was right, go figure! He is such a pleaser, he wants to make everyone happy, but gets frustrated easily, then its violence first, no remorse and no memory second. He will literaly black out, and does not remember what he has done, hence the "black rages". The reason they think he has cd is he has tried to burn the house down, he self mutilates himself, black rages, he's a biter, malicious injury to animals (he is to be supervised around the pets at all times), he's a liar, stealer, and is unremorsful.



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Ouch! All I can see and think about is the rusty wire and the 11-yr-old neighbor.
So many issues at once!
Is he adopted? When was his diagnosis? Who did it? When did the problems start (what age?)
Sorry so many questions.
Meanwhile... he's come cyber-Calgon.


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Nope not adopted, I created this wonderful child! He was diagnosed by MUSC Behavioral Health a little over a year ago. He was a delayed child and I had a nurse from DSS coming out 3 times a week, from about 9 months of age then he went to speech therapy for 2 years (3 to 5 years old). He has some physical problems ( bow legged and walks funny- doctor said 4 years ago he would outgrow it, he hasnt yet). He has so many "symtoms", I dont know anymore.



I just wanted to add my welcome. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time right now.

Actually, Conduct Disorder <u>is</u> a childhood disorder according to the DSM-IV, with a code type based on age of onset: Childhood-Onset Type (onset of at least one criterion characteristic of CD prior to age 10), Adolescent-Onset Type (absence of any criteria characteristic of CD prior to age 10) and Unspecified Onset Type (age at onset is not known).

I would put a call into his psychiatrist and discuss your concerns with him.

Good luck.