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    First my state decides we made an error on our taxes a couple years ago and decided we needed to send them money. Ok, well we didn't do it fast enough and they decided to suspend our ability to renew our license plates (really they couldn't wait til this tax time and just take our meager refund).

    Now that we paid them because goodness knows what other things they would torture us with if we waited any longer. Guess what. Now the IRS is sending us paperwork trying to make us prove that we had easy child and difficult child 2 living with us in 2005 and that we could claim them. I can't even begin to tell you how irked I am. I know that we have supported and so many other things our kids. But nooooooooooooooo we get done with one mess and I begin to think I see the end of the line of extra bs flying at us and sploosh stepped into a new mess. We have 30 days to send them all the information they want. I started going through the file cabinet only to discover that my divorce decree from my first husband is missing. Now I have to find out how to get it from a distant court house. Not to mention I have no idea how we prove that we paid for stuff for the kids. I mean we could send light bills and such but I don't have receipts for groceries from then. Why would I? I could probably scrape up some of the dr bills. This is just ridiculous. I have to contact the schools to prove they were here when they went to school etc too. ARGHHHHHH. They sent this little bitty envelope for fifty pounds of paperwork that they want. How silly is that. I mean really. I am not real comfortable with the fact that they want copies of birth certificates and ss cards. I plan to call the lovely folks during business hours and discuss this with them. I also need to read the paperwork telling us of our rights on this. I skimmed it but later when I can't sleep because I am trying to figure out where all this information can be conjured from I will read it to go to sleep.

    We really are good people. Why do we continue to get these gems sent, handed, passed or pooped at us?

    I mean I do our taxes because well I am not stupid and accounting is what I was going to do when I grew up. So I studied enough of it to know what I have to read and pay attention to. I refuse to pay an accountant to do something I am capable of doing.

    easy child came out of her room a bit ago to see why I was ranting. When she heard it she just stared at me like I was wierd (well I am but not because of the ranting). I told her guess what now that she works and is getting close to adult hood she can look forward to some of these fun things. She just shook her head at me and went back into hiding. Ah well....

    As I sit here and look at my house I wonder why they choose those of us that really can't afford this **** to be the ones they do this to. Oh wait that is exactly why because we tend to be the people that just roll over and take it because we don't know how to fight. Well guess what they picked on the wrong woman. I know how to verify everything and check that I am beign treated fairly. It says I can request that this be done in person. I am so tempted just to put one of them out since I am going to spend a lot of time digging for all the **** they want. Course then they would probably try and find something else wrong.

    Sorry for the long rant...couldn't be helped. Maybe now the dogs will quit staring at me like I have lost it.

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    I'm wondering if the whole "college decided Nichole is head of her own household even though she's living with us" thing is not going to majorly mess with ours. She's been asking to claim Aubrey. Actually had a nasty fight about it the other night. I told her she could claim Aubrey when she is actually supporting the child. ugh So if she gets a wild hair........will it mess up mine and husband's cuz in all honesty, we are supporting both her and Aubrey.
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    Ugh! I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of this-it makes no sense to me!
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    I hate the government.
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    Tax stuff stinks. IS there an ex or someone else who is upset with you over something? I knew a lady who worked for the IRS and seh said that often if an ex is upset with you they will call a tipline. It was a very expensive problem for the IRS. Not sure if there still si a tipline, but.....

    anyway, here is to hoping that this is all resolved quickly and nothing new and stinky comes down the pike!
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    That same thing happened to us years ago and started an avalanche of tax problems. I couldnt figure out how to get them what they stupid...and ended up in a heap of trouble. Hope it works out a whole lot better for you.
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    If there's an IRS TAC office near you, I'd go there, in person, and try to take care of it there. If you call, you have a chance of getting someone from any one of 10 service centers and who knows how many call centers, and there will be no consistency when you need to call back, because it will be impossible to get the same person you talked to earlier. It's a major PITA. And try not to mail anything. They've gone to "paperless" offices, but if the scan's not clear, you have to order the original paperwork from wherever it's kept. There are no guarantees that your info will remain at the service center where you send it. Example: Hubby and I had to file an amended return this year. We live in CA, and I sent the return to the Fresno Service Center. It was taking FOREVER, and when I called, I found out it was being processed in Andover.

    It takes the IRS about three years to react to things. If the state stuff was also for 2005, that could be what triggered the IRS's interest.

    Good luck. I worked in "customer service" at the IRS for four years. Not my favorite job.