Reasoning Mind non profit in 25 schools in TX

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by TheOnlyMe, May 28, 2008.

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    It would take forever and a day to find this on TEA's website. I'd email TEA or Reasoning Mind for the information.

    Looks like a promising program.
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    :crazy1: Thanks I did send an email today! I asked for what ISD's and start up date?

    Will post back with whatever info I receive.
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    still no reply from email to TEA , dang am I surprised?:nails:
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    Not sure if this will help but these school districts in Houston do RU stuff
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    Hi, I know this is an old thread but I work for Reasoning Mind and just saw your post that you were trying to find out some information on it. I thought I’d answer your question about the ISDs and give you some info. :abouttime:
    The program is currently being implemented in the following ISDs: Aldine, Alief, Angleton, Compton, Houston, St. Bernard Parish, and a few charter and private schools. There are also individual subscribers not associated with any schools. It is currently in 60 schools with approximately 3500 students. The program is web-based and uses artificial intelligence to tailor the learning path to each individual student. It is also self-paced to ensure each student fully understands a concept before building upon it with the next subject. If a student continues to struggle on a particular subject, the teacher (or parent if it is an individual subscriber) is notified and an online tutor can assist the student further. We have seen great improvements in aptitude and attitude with our students at all ranges of ability. Fun graphics and math games play a major part in helping to keep students’ attention for greater concentration.

    This is a link to a Dec 2008 news broadcast and a short video with an introduction to Reasoning Mind if you want to check them out.

    Best regards,
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    OH wow this is great info! Thanks!:D