Recovery is going well..


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from the knee surgery. I am mostly up and about, just a little slower than usual.

I had a busy day. Last week I decided to dye my slip covers on my rataan sofa and chair---not a good idea---the fabric fell apart in the wash (of course, it was 20 years old). So today I drove to the beach to a fabric store and picked up new fabric. I then went to a pool supply house and bought a new liner (it's aquarium with fish on it, how cool). Last week before surgery I was filling the pool up and ready to add chemicals. husband cut the water off, saying he would finish it the next day---yeah, right. Not enough water, weighted the bottom, liner ripped---but I got a new one and it was needed anyway. I also ordered new swings and accessories for my 20 year old wooden playset. I will pressure wash and have difficult child put the new swings up tomorrow.

PCson is planning JJ's first birthday party on Saturday. I ordered an entire back yard (plastic climber, swing, sandbox, teeter/totter and picnic table with umbrella) from online. It should be delivered on Thursday or Friday. husband will ride over on the Harley and help son put it all together. I called tonight and sang "Happy Birthday" on speaker phone. JJ yelled yeah and clapped his hands---how cute is that?


I'm glad you're recovery is coming along. I love the pool liner. How cool.

Happy Birthday to your grandbaby. :flower:


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Glad the knee is coming along.

I love the play set. I want to get a swingset and some outdoor toys for here when I can.


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Janet, this placeset was built when easy child was 6, right before difficult child was born. It has held up well, but the chains on the swings are rusted. I bought a lot of accessories to go on it for grandson and the foster granddaughters and my neighbor's children to use. I love a yard full of playing children. It's been a while since I have had a reason to spruce things up.

The pool liner will be the coolest thing. It has a sand bottom and coral reefs and then fish swimming on the sides. Now if I could just line the installer up and get it done. I hate waiting for anything.


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I know what you mean about waiting.......just wanna' gitter done.

Sounds like you will be ready for a big backyard party. Have fun enjoying all the new touches....