Report card time.....anyone else care to share?


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Got difficult child's report card in the mail today. About what I expected with 3 F's, a D, D-, and a C (yay!). What kind of cracked me up though was his class ranking. He is 462 out of 468. There are actually 6 kids with worse grades than difficult child. I'm not going to speculate on why their grades are at that level, I'm just going to enjoy that he's not dead last in his class. :hammer:


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I think difficult child was ranked next to last in his class (I think his GPA was less than 1.00). I ended up having to take him out of school, and encouraged him to study for the GED; of course, he refused. His therapist told me to let it go, let him take the test and fail it, and then difficult child would see that I did know what I was talking about. Of course, difficult child passed it on the first try, so he still thought I was clueless. Most of these kids have so much potential, if we could only figure out how to get them to use it for something other than getting into trouble.


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i will share but seeing that ian is only 6 it doesn't really compare.

he needs improvement in most of his social skills, which we know, but the thing that bugged me most is that there was a drop in his recognizing his word wall words, and in fine arts. whatever he ends up being diagnosis with-it definitely is starting to affect his school work.
I won't get difficult child 1's grades for about a week. They will be mailed to me. If he just passes history with a D, I'll be thrilled!!!

difficult child 2 will bring home his report card next friday. He always does well in school. If I could only get him to do half as well at home... Oh well, I guess I have to be grateful for whatever I can get!!!


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My difficult child is in a self contained E.D. class but he got an award thursday for being on the A-B honor roll. He is very smart, he just has a problem controling his behavior. His new trick is to wait til he sees an opportunity to run and he is out the door and out of the building.. they are having to chase him down 2 or 3 blocks from school. He does it about 8:45-9:00 in the morning and again about 12:45-1:15 in the afternoon. It has become a game to him now because he has several adults chasing him. The scary thing is, two teachers almost got hit by a car the other day when they were chasing him. They are moving him to another school where he will be in a very self contained class with no privilidges for a few weeks. I just hope he gets past this running off stage.

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We received difficult child's just at Christmastime. She got two F's, a D, a P:)censored:), and a B. She can still make it in English because its a full year class, but she has to pass Civics for the rest of the year or she won't graduate in June.

Keeping our fingers crossed!


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Our school year ended a few days before Christmas. It's been school holidays ever since and school goes back tomorrow (Monday) for the new school year - teachers tomorrow, some kids on Tuesday, other kids on Wednesday. difficult child 3's schoolwork has been sitting here waiting for him so he can start tomorrow. But the paediatrician appointment is later in the week, so I'll need to give difficult child 3 some time off anyway - we'll do our shopping that day too.

But difficult child 3's report card came in the week before, on his Speech Day (every school has some sort of end-of-year awards day - difficult child 3's correspondence school's is optional, but we were advised to go to it).

After years of our very bright but not coping kid getting nowhere in his class awards, he finally did well last year in his first year of high school, studying at home. And there were still problems we had with some subjects - he wants to try to nail a few other subjects this year too. Because it's correspondence we have problems with delays in work going to and from school. Last year he started school late because the Regional Office were bullying us and trying to prevent his enrolment. This year we're ready from day 1.

difficult child 3's half-yearly report last June wasn't good, but he'd greatly improved by December. However, two or three subjects were still very poor, we'll need to work on those this year but hopefully without dragging down his standard in his skill areas.


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kt's last report card showed all B's & one C (in math). That's a huge improvement over last year.

She was so proud of herself - as were husband & myself.

Okay - I'm bragging. I think I should! :bravo: kt!


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JK had as awesome report card. Lowest grade was an 85 in reading. Highest grade was a 100 in science!!!!! No complaints about behavior problems AND he is getting along with his peers. What a great year!!!!!!!!! Why couldn't it be this way last year?????
I haven't heard about difficult child#1's report card yet. He made honors last semester but says that he won't do as well this time. difficult child#2's grades come out next week - I am anticipating the worst!

I will be using difficult child#2's grades as further "ammunition" for an IEP update - and push for an alternative school placement. (Anxiety has kept him out of school most of the past two weeks - see post in Special Education Forum)

We shall see......



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I don't have a report card yet for difficult child 2 but I wanted to say it is such a relief to come here and see other kids who are failing or doing poorly! I expect difficult child 2 will have F's for all her classes except PE. She is being evaluated for Special Education services but it is taking time because she has been absent so much or ignored the calls from psychiatric to do the testing! Anyway, thanks for this thread--a little different than comparing notes with parents of "successful" kids!


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Daughter must keep a B average, plus no Fs, to have a cellphone. I haven't gotten her report card yet because the term just ended friday. However, she has warned me she was probably going to fail spanish. Since her phone was stolen a couple of months ago, I will not be getting her a new one.

It's disappointing after her good year last year. She's so emotionally driven. She hates a teacher, or whatever. she's always putting herself into school teenage drama. Her report cards always have a note indicating she has an attitude problem and that she argues. She doesn't have any close friends and rarely gets invited to do anything, or go anywhere with anyone.

She's on a block schedule so she only has four classes. She tells me A in PE, B or C in Computers, C in History, and F in Spanish.

I'm nervous about next term. She has three core classes and one elective. She's really going to have to buckle down and manage her time well.