Restraining Order or School intervention

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    OK sorry to blow up the board but I just found something disturbing that I need some assistance with.

    The day of the party difficult child attended her boy toy broke things off. Can you say trigger? ARGH. Anyway after a chat with her coaches today it was mentioned that they had seen some very nasty posts from the boy toy on twitter. Now I am a twitter idiot but I decided to try and check it out. I found him and found the following:

    #Choke #Choke #Choke

    I should have let you do it the 100 times before.

    I hope you get herpes tonight.

    And several other things. Basically he is taunting her to hurt herself. I am really concerned and feel like his tweets are above and beyond normal bullying. Will I be better to go to the school or should I go to the police?
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    This is a public board viewable by anyone. For your own privacy and that of your family; I strongly advise you not to use personal photos or anything else identifiable as your avatar.
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    I am not a Twitter person either - but I would think that the first thing would be to "block" his tweets from her account and stop following what he writes.

    Second thing would be to get her into a counselor ASAP - expecially in light of the fact that she is doing destructive things (ie getting drunk) in response to the breakup.
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    I second DaisyFace.
    So sorry you all have to go through this. Kids. Agh!
    And yes, change your avatar. Cute picture, though. :)
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    Thanks for the heads up on the avatar. I printed all his tweets and plan to take them to the school. Her account is deactivated...her choice but her friends still see it.
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    Before going to the cops or dragging in the school, why don't you talk to his parents?

    Also, were the texts/tweets written right after they broke up or are they ongoing? If they were sent a day or two after they broke up, it his emotionally immature teen side expressing his hurt. He is just as hurt over the breakup as your daughter. If they are ongoing, it is more of a concern. Either way, I would talk to his parents first.
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    Let's just say the one parent who is in his life at this time is currently hosting a weed and booze party for him. Plus since all this is freaking hillarious he tweets it to her as well. Recently he has taken to naming my difficult child PsyhoT and CrazyT in all his tweets. OH yeah he has also been providing those tweets to his mother since he puts her username in all of them. Needless to say mommy knows what she has and hasn't done **** about it.