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    This is not a serious thing, but I have been bothered with this intense burning in my face, feels like a terrible, terrible fever, face turns beet red and then I am left with these nasty bumps and sometimes it just goes away. I thought it was just hot flashes or problems with my fibromyalga. Couldn't take it anymore, and went to the Dermatologist to see if she could figure it out. Had a wonderful appointment, she took one look at me and said you have Rosacea and here is some topical cream and antibiotic. I had my first beginnings of a flare up and it wasn't nearly as bad, and it left a lot sooner then it normally does. I have been going thru this for over a year, and it's getting worse. Couldn't have anything spicy or sometimes anything that was just hot food as in cooked. Can't get nervous or stressed. Couldn't play bingo, instant hot face and looked ridiculous. No one I knew thought it looked like Rosacea, they thought it was hot flashes or like I did my Fibromyalga. I am so glad that I went, maybe I will look normal again and feel fairly normal. Does anyone else have this? What medicine's do you take or do you take any? Any advice would be great. Thank you.
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    I tend to believe it is aggravated by STRESS and at least that seems to be how it started. And my "rosacea diagnosis" is more of an absence of other diagnosis - diagnosis. We were worried it was a lupus rash initially (phew that it's not) and then my dr thought it could be a viral rash. But it's reoccurred and now we are treating it as rosacea. Rarely, I got the flushed, hot face - it's mostly just rashy - looks almost like acne yet the bumps are either flat red spots or teeny rashy, non-pustule bumps. It seems to happen overnight (go to bed fairly clear, wake up pizza like) and then when it does clear up - it does so rapidly. (unlike acne) It may be compounded by a case of perioral dermatitis - so we are treating both. I am also 44 and just went off of bcp when it started (6 months ago) so it could be aggravated by peri-menopause or hormonal changes.

    Topically, I am using metrogel 2 x a day. I am also taking tetracycline 250mg 2x a day. I've been using the metrogel since July, and it seems to help but hasn't completely stopped it. So we added the tetracycline -- and it's too soon to tell (been 30 days).

    I did have a bad flareup last Saturday that seemed to go away a lot more quickly...
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    Thank you for replying. My Dr. put me on Metronidazole cream twice a day, and an antiobiotic Doxyclcline 2xs a day.
    Too early to tell if it's going to work, but I am hopeful that it will. I would actually have to gget somewhere and put cold water all over my face until I could kind of get it to cool down. I felt like I looked horrid. People would ask me if I was okay, because it would come on so suddenly.
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    Me, too. I've used Metronidazole twice a day for years. It controls the rosacea for me without the need for oral antibiotics.
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    UGH...I just developed a crazy rash on my face. I am afraid to know why. I have eliminated everything new that I have in my environment, to see if that helps. I am hoping it is Poison Oak that my dog got on her fur. I don't know. I never, ever get a rash. How do you know if it is something to be worried about?
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    Steely - try taking an antihistamine -- if it's an allerigic reaction (to poison oak or similar) the antihistamine will knock it down or get rid of it completely.

    Does it itch?
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    I am sorry you have to deal with this, but glad the doctor was able to help. I have a friend with it and she has had great help from some lotion made by Eucerin that says it is a calming lotion - not sure hte entire name but she uses that in between flares and it really helps her. She also did the yeast control diet and found it was helpful. She did NOT do the diet permanently, but did if for about 4-6 weeks and then tried the foods not allowed and had no problems with it for a while. When hers gets bad she cuts out all the foods that feed the yeast (seems to me to be cutting out sugars and anything artificial and yeast breads) and it helps. Her doctor doesn't think the diet helps but he is not the type to think your diet has much impact on your health other than cholesterol and weight.

    I am NOT saying to do the yeast diet - I have NO clue if it really works or not. It is just what she does. I do know that it seems to be not a lot of fun. I hope you can get help and have it not cause so many problems and not keep you from doing the things you want to do. I know it can feel really bad to have people keeps stopping you to tel you how to handle a skin care problem. My psoriasis causes huge sores that don't heal for far longer than any type or sore, infection or scrape, and it really really really annoys me when total strangers stop me and tell me to put this or that on it. I have been know to very sweetly suggest remedies to help their appearance for the people who are very insistent. Most make a suggestion and leave it alone, but some will follow me or try to actually hold me in place or block me if I try to walk away. That gets to me like nothing else. Those who just say something and let it go, I am polite to and say thank you and I go away from them, but the others? I have been known to get pretty outrageous in a very sweet, caring tone of voice. It just makes me so upset, and I am sure you feel the same way.

    If strangers comment on it and won't let it go, or they follow you around a store to tell you how to fix it, it is very much OK to be rude and tell them to go away. I try not to do this, but skin problems seem to make some people feel they have the right to follow you and ask super rude nosy questions and expect you to not just answer the questions but to be grateful for their "help". I run into this sometimes and even telling them to go away doesn't always help. I am almost never outright rude to people, but have had to learn to be to deal with this. I have been followed, had people try to block me into place with shopping carts, and had to have store employees tell them to leave me alone. Even that hasn't always worked.

    I hope that the cream continues to help. I only mention the yeast diet because a friend tried it after using the cream you are using. The cream is for fungal infections and she figured that if ti worked then maybe the diet changes would also help. I don't have a clue if that is a valid avenue for help or not, it is just what she has spoken about.
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    My aunt has had it for years. I know she takes a wide variety of allergy medications, not sure though if it's for this issue or not. But it does seem that stress will most certainly bring it on. And since she's married to Mr Sadist (although he at least doesn't hit her) and is mother to 2 of the nastiest tempered difficult children and grandmother to more.......stress is always present.
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    I've had Rosacea for three years. I was told to keep a diary of sorts to see WHAT aggrivated (made my face red - meaning cheeks, nose, forehead) and write it down and then come back and see the dermatologist in three months. By then I should have been able to identify WHAT my sensitivities are/were.

    I am on Doxycycline one time a day at night and I do have the real deal Metro gel - because I found that the generic does NOT work for me. It is 1.5% and even though the real stuff is 2% the pharmacist said it wasnt much different. I found out for myself I could only use the real deal stuff. (Go figure - it's spendy even with a prescription drug plan - or a card from the company)

    Things that set me off without fail: Tomato sauce from ANY TV dinner type of meal. Lean cuisine, Smart ones.....immediately will redden my cheeks. It's like questions asked - looks like I've been slapped.
    Exercise or intense walking, it's like picking the lesser of TWO evils - do I continue to exercise and stay fit, maintain and loose fat or do I continue to have a red face that WILL go away once my core temp returns to normal? - I exercise walk and continue working. Extreme cold/Extreme heat. Nothing I can do about that - however when I do work in the extreme heat and my face gets red? Being nearly 50 it DOES kinda get you out of some work because the younger people think you're going to have a stroke or heart attack - lol.....(no I'm serious) it's always - Oh Ms. Star you look exhaused - sit down (and I'm fine) until I look in the mirror and again it looks like I've been slapped - lol. (taking advantage of it because explaining OH NO - I just have rosacea takes way too long and they like to help and I don't mind the break).

    Stress? Well.....Yes and no for me. If that were true that it was all stress? My nose would be bigger than Carl Maldens by now and have fallen off. When this first started and without antibiotics? My cheeks got lumpy and red like cauliflower and it itched a lot. With watching my diet and exercise? Watching what soaps and hair spray I use, keeping a watch on the fact that now I use ABSOLUTELY no makeup....because WOW Rosacea does NOT like makeup and likes makeup removers even less.....(and I mean like WAY less) - if I do need an astringent? I use Witchhazel. It's natural and easy on my skin. For soap I use Dove Sensitive and lots of rinsing, and a separate wash cloth. I try to find shampoo that has NO sulphates in it so that doesn't get on my face either - and the fact that I'm loosing my hair - NO sulphates has helped keep what hair I have too. I use WEN or Loreal something ---can't think right now but it's sulphate free and in a green tube - one is rosemary mint and SAMY makes a sulphate free one called FAT hair.

    Then again - sometimes (like right now I'm not feeling well) and my cheeks are slightly red and rough -a nd it's like - WELL NOW WHAT? could be the medicine - could be something I'm eating -could be my resistance is low....hard to tell. I don't have a problem telling anyone that my cheek color is rosacea.....not contageous.......just is what it is....because a lot of people have it and don't know. Also - you may try washing your pillow cases in something like DREFT or Tide Free - anything that touches your perfumes, to upset your skin.

    Hope this makes you feel better to know you arent alone -

    The bonus for me is? I always look like i have blusher on - so now a little colored lip gloss and I"m pretty much

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    I must say this weekend is the first in many that I have not had a flare up. The medicine must be working. Can't wait to see if I can eat spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce again, anything tomato base just causes instant redness and burning. The cream is definately making my face a lot clearer.