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    I am feeling so alone and depressed. I got a call on Friday that difficult child got kicked out of the independent living and is being held in the juvy until they transport him down here to have court. I don't feel like I have anyone on my side that I can tell and talk to. I spent all day yesterday in bed and only got up a couple hours ago. I don't know if I should tell my new boss what is going on so that I can be a court or just let husband go and wait for the shoe to fall.
    He says that he got jumped by two guys (one of them he had already had trouble with) and that when he defended himself he is the one that got into trouble but we all know how that goes. Do I believe him --I don't know what to believe. I just know that he was so close again and now he might be facing two years in jail because he did not complete this program. I can't talk to him so I am worried about how he is handling this and praying that he doesn't rack up new charges in a new county.
    We were suppose to go visit him yesterday and take him his Christmas. I so badly want to cry and go back to bed but my nephew is here and waiting on a cousin to help husband move some stuff. Don't want anyone to know what is going on with difficult child. I was so proud. He just finished his first week of college. NOW What??????:crying:
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    Hugs! My heart hurts for you. :(

    If you have a hard time completing your work assignments, you may want to talk with your boss just to let him know that you are distracted with family issues these next few days. Sometimes working helps. I know when difficult child was hospitalized for two weeks, work was my distraction and helped a lot but that is not always the case. Who knows, he may advise you to take the day to go. It is hard to have a new boss who you don't know how he will react to this. Before difficult child was hospitalized, I called my supervisor to let him know that I didn't know when I would be able to make it into work because difficult child was falling apart and could not make it through a day of school. That person said, "Call ________, he has been assigned as your supervisor." I had never heard of "_______" so was very nervous about calling him and telling him that I couldn't come in. Not the 1st impression I wanted to make. I have been blessed with understanding supervisors but do know that not all supervisors are that good about things.
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    Oh, no! I am so sorry.

    I would be as honest as possible with-your boss. If you go in to work and just mess up, it's actually worse than not going in.