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    I believe that work should never be duplicated.. ( I was going to do all these ) but found a good friend of mine already had!

    They are VERY good ones!


    * I love being bossy lol esp since people actually do what I tell them... unlike my difficult child's!!! LOL *


    Hugs N Love!!!


    5 kids 21,19,18,14& 11.
    21 yo M difficult child moved & is engaged!
    18 yo M difficult child is not in jail yet but bought his advance ticket! And 11 yo M difficult child/easy child is in remission??! Doing super!
    No medications.. have tried acupuncture with- good results.Founder PRIE: Parents Rights In Education, volunteer parent advocate.
    Motto: " Sometimes all thats left is tears to honor the bond.... I cry with honor "
    Creed: " A pen and a voice for the "Bad Kid"!!"
    " Giftedness has NOTHING to do with eligibility!!!"
    " Mr. Chaos stopped by last week and liked the accomodations so well he wont leave! "
    Top 2 Questions:
    1. Have you done a Parent Report?
    2. Did you Fix it once Fix it WRITE?

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