I.R.A.C. Complaint / letter writing






This is IRAC!

And is for those of us who just cant organize our thoughts on paper or seem to ramble n jump all over.

I have this posted right on the front of my puter.. and always use this outline for complaints.

Often times I type it right in and edit when I am done and ready to send.

Issue: a brief outline of the issue you are writing about.

This complaint is in regards to my difficult child who attends school at ABC school. difficult child is a student with disabilities under IDEA 97 and the SD is refusing to follow his IEP by not giving him 3 hours of social work services per week.

Rule: This is where you breifly state what rules fall into play *hint* I try to always use federal language.

Under IDEA 97 300.342 When IEP's
must be in effect.
(a) General. At the beggining of each school year, each public agencey shall have in effect an IEP for each child with a disablity within its jurisdiction.
(b) implementation of IEP's. Each public agencey shall ensure that-
(1)An IEP
(i) Is in effect before special education and realted services are provided within it's jurisdiction.
(ii) Is implemented as soon as possible following the meetings described under 330.343

Analysis: this is where you breifly "tell the story"

difficult child's IEP was written and dated 9-1-99 and the district agreed to provide 3 hours of social work services per week. The district gave difficult child 3 hours as they said they would for the first 3 weeks of school.

Then stopped because they said the social worker had too many kids on his case load and he was getting ill from trying to keep up.

I wrote a letter asking them to give difficult child a new social worker or reduce his current ones case load.

They refused, and wont give difficult child any more than one hour per week. As a result my difficult child is regressing on his goals and seems more depressed and despondent.

Conclusion: this is where you conclude and ask them to find complaint valid.

In conclusion I respectfully request that you conduct a complete and thorough impartial investigation and find that the SD VIOLATED the provisions of the IEP dated 9-1-99.

Further I seek compensatory education and that you order the district to make "up" the services it deprived my difficult child of receiving.

I would like to be contacted in person and partcipate fully in this investigation, so that I may provide you with additional facts on this issue.

Please contact me to arrange for a place and time mutually conveinent, and when you find the SD in violation I would respectfully request that I be invited to be on the firing squad.


Mrs. difficult child

Well hope this helps you all stay focused and get the outline together.

Please Please remember to keep these simple... it works to your favor!

Hugs N Love!!!


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