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    difficult child has not been sleeping well for a while now. psychiatrist ordered an EKG before she would start clonidine to help with the sleep and anxiety. Just got a call from psychiatrist's nurse that the EKG came back "abnormal" and she wants to refer us to a Pediatric Cardiologist. I am scared. This has caught me so off guard that my anxiety has kicked in. Our pediatrician is out of the office today but I left a message for him to get us in tomorrow. As of now he is booked solid so I will have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if they can squeeze us in. psychiatrist has also ordered a metabolic panel. This is sending me for a loop.
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    Hang in there TeDo. This happened to us when we opted to try Clonodine when difficult child was 4. psychiatrist sent him for an EKG and we were called and told it was abnormal. They ended up sending it to a cardio @ the hospital who confirmed everything was OK. It was misread by the lab @ the clinic. If I remember it had something to do with-it not being read by a pediatric cardiologist originally.

    Good thoughts for you.
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    I know just how you feel. Right before 6th grade Jess had an EKG because the medications she was one made it necessary. We got the abnormal call and then were called in and told it was long Q-T syndrome and she could not start school or do anything out of our line of sight until she saw the cardio - and it would be four months before the cardio could see her (only pediatrician cardio practice in our state) so they thought we should look into a home defibrillator kit, though ins would not pay for one until she saw the cardio but it might be too late because she could just drop dead suddenly for no reason but getting excited over something on tv. This was my kid who played soccer spring and fall, and was super active.

    Turns out she had NO problems. They did the EKG wrong because they put the leads in the places they put them on adults, not adjusting because she is a kid. We did push and insist that the cardio see us sooner and boy was I frosted at the hospital and pediatrician office for all that terror we all went through.

    So it is ENTIRELY possible that this is absolutely NOTHING. Don't get too scared - we were even ordered a wheelchair as J was not supposed to even walk aroudn the house - how stupid is that? Just push them to get you in to the doctor in the next few days and don't worry too much. The cardio told us that MOST, as in over 95%, of the reports they get of kids with abnormal readings or other cardio issues are badly done EKGs rather than problems with the child. over 95% was the number the cardio used, not one I made up.

    And if there is a problem? Well, mostly they can fix them with medication, diet and exercise. So it will be okay either way.
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    Take it from someone who's dealt with cardio issues all her life, including with my youngest. EKG abnormalities don't always mean fatalities. It could be anything from MVP (mitral valve prolapse, most common cardiac abnormality usually can be left untreated if it's mild) to murmurs, PDA\LDA's (patent ductus arteriosis and latent ductus arteriosis which can be treated to close those holes within a fairly short time and mostly resolve on their own). It's great that it was found now rather than later because there are so many options to be looked at for resolving the cardiac issues. We've come a very very long way for cardiac treatments.

    Like Jal said, it could be a false positive, movement during an EKG can cause this. Fidgeting can cause a false positive, holding the breath for short periods or hyperventilating or even just quick intakes of breath. It may very well be nothing at all but a false positive. Did you know a sneeze stops the heart for a split second? Coughing causes the heart to beat harder (not faster just harder). Holding the breath causes the heart to speed up and breathing heavily (hyperventilation) slows the heart. Laughing causes the heart to either slow or hasten the rate at which it beats!!! It could be nothing at all.
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    Thanks guys for the hope. I worry about things too much, I know that. I am one of those that prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. Sometimes my "preparing for the worst" overrides any hope for the best. I will keep you posted.
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    Sending positive thoughts your way!

    I used to be a cardiac RN - just remember that the EKG is just a machine. Only that. It can show errors and abnormalities that are not even there due to many, many things such as the electrodes being placed improperly, movement during the reading, defective electrode, the leads being hooked up incorrectly, and also a defective lead.

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    Sending positive thoughts and good vibes your way! I've never had to deal with something like that before so I don't have any worthy advice to give you. All I can offer are hugs and support! Hang in there!!! (((((((big hugs))))))))
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    Sending hugs and support. I got through a similar situation but telling myself that, heaven forbid something is wrong (nothing was)-the doctors are taking care of my child. It's better to know so they can fix it. It was such a scary time, I know how you feel. It could be nothing, really. (((hugs)))
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    ((Hugs)) That is scary but like the others said, it could be machine or operator error.
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    (((hugs))) & prayers, sweeties
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    sending prayers
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    Got a call from pediatrician. He said he has reviewed the EKG and it is nothing life-threatening but will need to be addressed somewhere down the road. He does want us to come in to talk to him about it. Soonest opening is Monday afternoon. I was feeling a little better about it but now am worried again.
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    Nothing life threatening is good! This is better than you thought before. Still saying prayers for you.
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    TeDo, sounds like pediatrician has a plan in mind. Sweetie, don't borrow trouble yet, okay? Deep breathes, deep thru the nose, out thru the mouth. :consoling::bigsmile:

    The unknown is so scary ~ don't let it freak you until there are solid answers. You need to be strong.

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    Thanks Timer. I am trying hard to do just that. This morning he is having blood drawn for a complete metabolic panel. He HATES needles so that part will be interesting enough.