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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    We have had at least 13 inches of snow today. Around 1:00 this afternoon on the interstate just a few miles from my house traffic stopped. Semi trucks got stuck and no one could move.

    They have declared a state of emergency. I think they said there are like 500 cars stuck-that seems like a lot though so maybe I heard wrong. They are telling people to shut off their cars until they need heat. Many of these people have been stuck for 9 hours. The national guard is working on a rescue plan. It sounds like traffic may be starting to slowly move.

    I can't imagine being stuck in this for so long-imagine if any of them have a difficult child.

    Please keep a good thought for these people who are stuck.
  2. daralex

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    Lived in a plece like that for several years! My thoughts are with you and those in the same situation. If difficult child and me were in the same car for 9 hours one of us would not be coming out alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wiped Out

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    Yeah, I can't imagine being stuck with difficult child and possibly no medications. Yikes! We're fine-just waiting for the roads to be cleared-I'm sure we'll be headed back to work tomorrow. difficult child actually had a good day today. I read to him a lot which is something because he won't let me read too often. He even cuddled in the same chair with me.
  4. dreamer

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    WOw, how awful!
    My father and several close friends are over the road truckers, and I know they have been in situations like that.I could not do it!
    13 years ago almost to the day, we were in VA for my mother in law wake/funeral and we got iced in on a mountain, and they stopped all traffic, but thankful for us? LOL...we stopped right away and where we were? There was a hotel very very close by. I was very preg and waddled, dragging my 2 girls.....and we waited it out in the hotel.
    2 days!

    I have to say this storm caught me off guard. We are at the edge of town, but while this area is rural, it is not REAL rural, and town is not far at all......and------I cannot even remember ever getting snowed in so bad it was impossible to get out for longer than just a few hours. ANd I do not remember any other time so many many places closed down due to weather. BUT this snowfall here now? It shut us down pretty hard. (I posted more on other threads here)

    Let me tell you, I was surprised to see how nasty my family began to get by this afternoon. I have dealth with them being nasty, heck with our diagnosis'es of course it is sometimes a way of life..BUT confine them with them being unable to even go outside, much less away from the house? It has NOT been fun. I cannot imagine if we were stuck sitting in a CAR and it was COLD. No thanks. THose people have MY prayers!
  5. dreamer

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    Wow, I see and hear now, this backup was right by my dads home- and a friend of mine was stuck in the backup. Turns out I am very familiar with that area, it is a very well used route for me to go back and forth for me to visit much of my family.
  6. Shari

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    I was stuck like this about 10 years ago just north of Paducah, KY. We had a cb in the car and one trucker had a little bitty grill he fired up. Another took cases of soda off his truck. Another guy had chips. We built a snowman and basically had a tailgate party, but of course, it wasn't all that cold, either. We were stuck for 6 hours, but it was without either difficult child.
  7. dreamer

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    My husband and I met almost 25 years ago now,- on CB radio, LOL. We continue to have one in each car, one in the house and a handheld. LOL. My email is dreamer_cb..the dreamer part was my "handle" on the CB all these years, and the "CB" part of my email name is referring to the cb radio.

    My friend who is/was stuck in this current mess - he is a trucker, in his truck. He said he is fine- he has his fridge, and his George Foreman grill..and the bed......etc....and he has his CB, cell and laptop all working. And yeah, LOL, he does not have his kids with him, they are at home down in southern IL with his wife, LOL. As for her? LOL, she just says she is used to him being gone all week, anyway. He lives in his truck thru the week whether the weather and roads are good or bad. Hmm, not a lifestyle I would enjoy very much, I think. But my friend LOVES driving over the road and his wife is OK with it.
    For several years my dad took his wife on the road with him. I have another friend who drives WITH her husband, they drive together. One drives while one sleeps.
  8. hearts and roses

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    Wow, sending prayers for a safe trip for all!

    easy child and I were stuck for almost 3 hours on Interstate 84 West two years ago on our way to her orientation for college. We listened to music, got out of the car and stretched, napped, and read magazines. It was actually nice. Nine hours? Not so sure.
  9. dreamer

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    OK was reminiscing with husband about when we got stuck in VA all those years ago- and YUK, LOL. it was me, him, our 2 girls, and we were in one very small not very nice hotel- and the TV was out and the elec went off.....and no vending machines.LOL- it was NOT fun at all, LOL. ANd it was his birthday.....and we were there 2 nites, yukky. slightly better than being stuck in a car, but.....and the expense at that time was a huge issue, too.

    Wasn't there an Amtrak train stuck up on a mountain this past week for several hours due to weather or something?

    This weather is creating all kinds of awful situations everywhere!

    I sure hope the jam up in this thread is able to be moving on today, now? (I have not talked to my friend again today) I hope they all can safely continue on their way.

    I can tell you I am weary of being snowbound in my home even with all our comforts-----our home is so tiny, and to have everyone stuck here - well- it has been tense.
  10. Wiped Out

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    It turns out more than 2,000 cars were involved. Many didn't get out until this morning sometime. The good news is there were no injuries which I find amazing-no one needed hospitalization.