Scheduling conflicts...... vent

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kt has an in home therapist appointment this afternoon; at the same time I am supposed to be across town at a therapist appointment with wm & his Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist.

I have explained over & over that the Friday 2pm wm appts no longer fit into the schedule. Please find another slot so I can do this with wm.

No go so far. In fact, I have yet to receive a return call from either therapist or Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) therapist about today. (I know they are both busy however a return call would be helpful.)

The summer schedule & husband returning to work (a very good thing :smile: ) has thrown a wrench into what had been a stable routine.

Can you hear my frustration this morning? Thanks for listening. :flower:


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Ugh. How frustrating. I'm so sorry, Linda. I hope you get a return call from wm's tdocs soon so you can hopefully reschedule.

Unfortunately, they haven't figured out how to split us mom's up in half yet (or grow us third arms). LOL :::hugs:::


I do this all the time, and I use a day planner no less, LOL! This is where cloning would come in handy! You are not alone!


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Sorry you're facing this schedule snafu. Yeah, I haven't figured out quite how to be in two different places at the same time, although it sure would help.

I joke at work and ask the receptionist if my clone has arrived via UPS yet. I ordered her quite some time ago - first thing I'm going to do when she arrives is sit her down and give her a stern talking to! :crazy:

Hope it got straightened out!


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Good luck, I've been fighting scheduling for weeks now. difficult child 1's behavior treatment starts at 10 every morning. difficult child 2's autism group starts at 9:30 Tue and Thur. I've been begging rides for difficult child 1 for a few weeks. I think they'll change difficult child 2's group to 11:30 for July. They're talking about it.

Good luck with yours.