School problems again!!



I am not quite sure if this should be posted here or under Special Education.

FBA has started. difficult child stated SW has been in some of his classes. SD has sent papers and they have been signed and returned for testing. IEP has been set, 5 weeks from now, all testing will be complete by then.

I have a real problem with the way they (school) is treeting difficult child. Teachers/staff are purposely setting him up to blow up, then they threaten with calling the police for disorderly conduct. This happens about once a week. These are the ones I know about.

IEP in beginning of school year was to have no outbursts. Have him sit quietly and not disrupt class. If he gets angry, or if someone says something to upset him he is to go to another room where his case worker or aid will be. Giving him a chance to cool down or talk before returning to class...

OK, two weeks ago, first period class, 15 minutes of silent reading. difficult child (who just changed medications a few days prior and has been up for most of the nights), he put his head down during silent reading. Teacher pushed the little button and called for an escort to take him down to the office, where he was "yelled" at and placed in a room by himself.
When I found this out I asked the teacher why she did this, when our goal was to have him sit quietly and not disrupt the class. Vice principal jumped in and said he didn't follow directions. difficult child replied that half the class does not read. VP sarcastically said he would come down there the next three days to see for himself.

FRIDAY - 1/2 of school. Last day of quarter. difficult child didn't want to go to school. Said all they were doing was watching a movie. I told him he had school and needed to go. Dropped him off at 8:20. At 9:15 I get a call from difficult child to come get him. He said when he went to his first period class where the movie was to be watched the desks had been rearranged and more added for the day, but his desk was put off in a corner by himself and he was told this is where he had to sit. His reply was "you've got to be kidding". He was sent to the office.
I went to school and spoke to VP. He said difficult child is not telling the truth. Then he said more desks needed to be added and it was just a coincidence that his was off to the side. (I let him know it was NOT). He also stated "we don't want to put him in a situation where he MIGHT cause problems". Then went back to how I am believing difficult child. I told him I wanted to walk down there and see for myself where his desk is. VP told me NO. He said I had to stay in the office and HE would go. I told him NO, I am going to go with. He said "I am a professional, do you think I would lie to you". I replied I have been lied to many times by staff here. He again told me no, I had to stay in the office, he couldn't risk difficult child getting upset infront of others. I told him difficult child would stay in the office, I would come with. Finally, we walked down to the classroom. All the desks were in rows, with one desk against the wall, behind a row of bookcases. (room was empty at this were switching or something). I looked up at the teacher and asked if this was difficult child's desk. She said YES. I looked at VP and said he would be coming home. Went and signed him out and took him home.

These are just two of the many issues I know about. It seems as if they do things like this to get him to become angry, then threaten to call the police, and put him in a little room in the office, or in school suspension. I am sick and tired of getting calls, when 95% of them are because he "reacted" to something the teachers/staff or other student have done.

He does get punished, and I have no problem with punishment if I feel it was something he deserved. But it is just getting crazy. I asked difficult child why he hasn't been going to the room where his case worker or aide are. He says he doesn't go to that room because nobody is there and he would be alone.

I am so upset. Especially now after VP told me I couldn't go with him to the room. How he wouldn't lie to me. I am so glad I insisted on going. If they were going to watch a movie I don't know how he could of even seen it from where they put him..alone behind book cases!!!

Any suggestions on anything I can do. Can I write a complaint? And to whom, since VP and P would be useless to complain to.


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Put it in writing. I would include a bald description of this incident (without your feelings, but otherwise as you described it here) because clearly VP is not thinking of difficult child, he's thinking of his own neck. Document EVERYTHING. I would also put in writing your clear request for difficult child to be treated according to the existing IEP. To be told that the IEP isn't being followed "because I don't take orders" is sheer petulance and such a response, if it had come from difficult child, surely would result in difficult child being disciplined!

Is it a state school? Is there a district level of coordination? Where do they get their funding from? There has to be someone higher up, whoever is legally responsible for IEPs being adhered to, for example, that you could take your complaint to. A good start might be your congressman - you could ask them how you would put a complaint in process, even if they can't directly help you with this, now.

For this you need to talk to someone who is better acquainted with your educational system.



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You could send a letter to the Special Education director of the school and cc it to the director of the school district. The IEP needs to be followed in order for their to be any success. I hope that you have been documenting all the conversations. Someone needs to know that the IEP is not being followed, and your concerns regarding that. It needs to be written in a way that states the facts and concerns without sounding angry and like you are attacking them.

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I would definitely be writing a letter to the Special Education. director of the district. I would also send a carbon copy to the principal and the superintendent.

I would explain that you feel his IEP is not being followed and give examples. Point out the section in the IEP and give the examples of them not following it. Ask for a follow-up meeting to see what they are going to do to bring the IEP into compliance.


I had requested a review of his IEP several weeks ago because of these things happening. Turned into an arguement and was continued on. I had information and principal told me I was wrong, and wanted to see where I got it. I gave her a copy of the information and she threw it back at me.
husband came to next meeting and they agreed at that time to do an FBA and have school psychologist test him. There is a date set in a few weeks for the IEP, all testing will be completed by that time. But, still, difficult child is being set up to get angry, then they threaten police and keep him in a room.
I asked him if the SW was in the room when these things happened. He told me only one time. The other time I personally walked down there with VP and saw for myself.
So, angry. I need time to cool off before I have anymore conversations with school. Hopefully there won't be any tomorrow because I do not believe that is enough time to cool off.
I want to review his file and look at his referrals that keep putting him in the office and ISS. Because difficult child has to write a statement also on what happened. He always tells me what the teacher or staff wrote on the referral and he tells us it isn't true and his statement is not the same. However when I asked to see the file, VP said no.


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I would get the letter sent before the meeting. You should also have access to what is in his files. You can mail a written request to see his files. I believe you can get copies of the files if you pay a copy fee.


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Call your State Department of Education and report it...they will investigate your complaint and may supply you with an advocate free of charge or at low cost to represent your son at IEP meetings.

I would be FURIOUS and am in a similar situation this year as well. I am also a teacher and let them know that I was calling the state to report it. Since then, they have been making more of an effort...but still not following through on his 504.

Again...I would call the State Dept. of Education and report them...without a doubt!