Schools are in lockdown



There is a field across the street from us. Then some surrounding businesses. difficult child walks home through that field.
there must of been 20 cop carsdown my street and I didn't even know it. I was out back painting. Across the street the field is surrounded by police. Man to man. the police hellicopter is there very low to the ground.

They believe it a bank robber that has been hitting several banks here.

This is how the kids get home. They get out at noon tody.
Police said there shouldn't be danger. They must have 100 cops and a helicopter. in a few minutes 1000 kids could be released. having to walk down an area surrounded by police.

I was notified that school is under lockdown. difficult child is going t freak out. He pannics, his anxiety will be way off. Don't know if they will call it off in the next few minutes or not. They are going to check the business next. Excuseme...the kids get out at lunch time they go to those business for lunch.
They need to keep the kids locked down until they catch this man
I took one of my headache pills, so if this doesn't sound right that would be why. My HIGH ANXIETY difficult child is in there. They believe they are two bank robbers that have robbed some local banks. Police said no danger. OhYea. Everyone had guns. A child walk the wrong way or be in the wrong time.


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Hi! Is he home yet? If they haven't dismissed them, call the school and tell them to hold him even AFTER they dismiss the other kids and go get him.

Let us know when you're both home safe!



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Take a's going to be okay. When the schools are in lockdown, nothing will happen. That's how they are protected. Yes, you difficult child may become very anxious, but the most important thing right now is to keep them where they are.

We live near NASA and when the gunman was there a few months ago, the nearby intermediate school (where my difficult child goes this year) was in lockdown. It's for their own safety. If your difficult child becomes overly anxious, you'll handle it when the coast is all clear. Take another deeeeeep breath.....

Please update when you can!!! We're all thinking about your difficult child!!!
I'm sure being locked in the school is the absolutely safest place he can be.

I'm keeping you and your difficult child in my thoughts and prayers... WFEN


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Kjs, I would be taking a headache pill, too!
I can only assume that being in lockdown is the best thing for the kids and it will come out all right.
I hope a helicopter full of stinky poo dumps its load on that robber for all the trouble he has caused. And that he doesn't hurt anyone during his presumed getaway. And mostly, that the cops have him in hand.
I hope that difficult child is not too stressed out by all of this, although when you think about it, PCs would be stressed out as well. It's a stressful situation. Period.
Maybe you could have a special snack for difficult child when he gets home?
Good luck.
Keep us posted.


sorry I wasn't able to get back sooner. I called the police department a little after noon. The sargeant told me they were calling off the search, will be searching near by apartment complex's and businesses. Said as soon as the police helicopter leaves the schools involved in the lockdown will be released.

He only had to stay about 20 minutes or so. The school did handle it very well. difficult child didn't know what was going on. Said the teachers continued to teach and just shut the door. They all thought they were being held over because they weren't paying attention.

I picked him up, and gave him and several others a ride home.

By this time it was later in the afternoon and difficult child had a baseball game. Then when he got home he went around the house locked all the windows and doors. Put a baseball bat in the patio door and took another baseball bat to bed. He doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. Thinks this bank robber is hiding out in his school.

Tried to explain to him the reason they were in lockdown was because it wasn't safe outside. He is convinced this man is in his school. He said, "I hope he doesn't waste his bullets on the students". He will be home alone in the morning. He called the neighbor who gives him a ride to see if she is keeping her son home. She told him no, that this man is probably as far away as he can get. Told difficult child this man probably left the state.

(So...look out Illinois)

Even though the helicopters left and most of the police officers, they were still combing the field and bushes as of late afternoon.


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Here's hoping he gets caught overnight, so difficult child will feel safe. I do feel for the boy (and you). difficult child 3's anxiety gets this bad fairly often and it really is terrifying for them.



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Did I understand correctly that the kids get to go "off campus" for lunch? Most schools my kids attended had the policy of closed had to stay at school for lunch. I am surprised they would let kids leave the school, unless maybe it's an older school with little/no cafeteria facilities......Too much temptation for older kids to not return in our area......


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I am so sorry your difficult child is that worried. It's kind of normal, though. Don't forget, a difficult child will magnify everything. It will take him a few days to get over it.
The teachers handled it very well ... not even saying anything!!! So the kids weren't stressed out at that point. Wow.
He'll do fine once he gets in school and, I hope, talks to other kids about it.