Seeing new psychiatrist on Monday a tad nervous

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by RWHangel, Oct 3, 2009.

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    Just wanted to post and let you all know difficult child is going to a new psychiatrist on Monday. I am soo bad at this as I hate her being on medications to begin with. I don't want to **** off the doctor but I want it clear that I don't like this either. I want to know details and most don't like to devulge info. Please pray that I don't anger this doctor and the heart to accept what the doctor says. I hope this goes well but after 3 docs already I am getting nervous.:anxious: Encouragement and advice welcome. Thanks
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    Angelia, in what ways do you usually anger the doctors?

    When I go for first appointments, I usually just answer their questions in a straight-forward way. I also provide as much paperwork (lab results, testing, etc) as I have so the psychiatrist gets as thorough a picture as possible.

    You might also want to write out a Parent Report (the format is found under the FAQ/Board Help section of the board) to present to the psychiatrist. That will help you present a balanced history of your difficult child's challenges up to the present time.

    Good luck tomorrow. Update us when you can.
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    I ask questions too. If that gets a doctor angry, the doctor is usually too rigid and not a fit for me. I also NEVER accept a mental illness diagnosis without questions or the reality that the doctor could be incorrect. One psychiatrist may say "bipolar" and another may say "Aspergers" and another may say something else. You have to go with your Mom Gut and also, frankly, if the doctor's treatment is helping your child or if your child is getting worse. If a doctor gets defensive because you question him/her, it's time to move on and get another opinion until your child is doing better. Doctors aren't perfect, but some get defensive if their treatment isn't working and blame YOU.

    Never blindly accept any diagnosis from a doctor. See how it goes. Good luck at this appointment ;)
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    You know, I hate medications too, and I hate that my difficult child has to be on 3 different types of medications. I don't know any psychiatrist that would want us to have our kids on medications, that would be so wrong.

    I know that my difficult child needs medications to function, and though I do not like that fact I have to accept it and deal with it.

    I am with the others,and am wondering what you think you are doing to anger the docs.
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    I don't like medications either and it has taken husband and me a lot of time and research to get to the point where we can accept that Bug must be medicated.

    The biggest help for me in looking at the medication issue is a book called "Straight Talk about Psychiatric Medications for Kids," by Timothy Wilens. It should be available at your local library or at any larger book store. It is a balanced look at all the different classes of medications and is a great starting point for asking questions of your psychiatrist.

    Do you have a friend or relative who can go with you for moral support and to help ask questions?

    Good luck and keep us updated. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow.
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    Well the big day is approaching. Some of you asked why I think the doctors get angry with me. Let me count the ways...jk LOL. The biggest thing is I have done alot to get her checked out in every way I can think of and when I am questioned I get defensive. I also get very defensive when a doctor spends 5 minutes observing my kid and then straight away wants to put her on heavy duty medications that have big side effects without testing and proving to me why they think she needs them. I am easily frustrated with psychiatrists as I was put on several medications when I was a kid and none of them worked. I think it is just my fear of putting her through that without tests and results as to why they want to do what ever they want to do. I will try to be patient and am taking her medical records with me to help me stay focused and hopefully give them an idea of what has been checked out. Thanks for the advice. Please pray I don't blow a gasket...LOL.
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    It looks as though your difficult child has some serious diagnosis's that would require medications.

    Is there a hx of mental illness in your difficult children families? That may be the reason psychiatrists are seeing things. What evaluations & such have been done? You need to answer questions or you tie the psychiatrist's hands behind his/her back.

    I agree with SW that a parent report is a must. It's kept my mouth shut when I might have blown out of an office. The parent report spoke for itself.

    Good luck today.