Seeking Residential Program Recommendations - Southeast


If anyone has recommendations for effective long-term residential treatment programs that accept Medicaid, please PM me. Seeking an immediate placement for CeCe within reasonable distance of Atlanta. She's had 3 prior placements and been turned down by one well-regarded program as potentially too violent.

Thanks for any advice ....


Long week, but the good program that was worried previously accepted her this time, and the insurance denial (we have private an Medicaid) was overturned on appeal. I had to move heaven and earth, but she is there. At least until they review her case again on Wednesday.

A day at a time ...

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Argh!! Things should not need to be so difficult to get our kiddos the help they need. You are indeed an amazing warrior mom with all the advocating you have done. Be sure to use some of this time to recharge. Sending gentle hugs your way.