Sensory integration disorder

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    We went to V's evaluation today in order to rule autism in or out.
    Good news: he is NOT on the spectrum and that was confirmed without a doubt.
    After talking with us though, she wants im to be evaluated by an Occupational Therapist (OT) for sensory issues. She did not witness the sensory issues herself but thinks it is a very high possibility. She did notice the processing issues though: the need for extra time to process what he hears and some related emerging coping skills (saying "huh" before giving the actual answer. she explained that it is a classic with kids having processing issues).
    She also added that if the sensory route is a dead end (evaluation does not reveal anything or no improvment after services), we should consider ADHD. She explained that we have to deal with the sensory FIRST, but she sees some red flags for ADHD. Just to keep it in the back of our mind for now. That really surprised me...
    I feel really good although we don't have a diagnosis yet. V will receive his weighted blanket later tonight (Hurray to the UPS truck!). It's not what I thought she would say, but the sensory stuff make sense.
    She said she felt good about V's prognosis. As long as we keep on working with him the way we do and maybe by adding Occupational Therapist (OT) to the mix, she feels V will cope very well with his issues. She also emphasized the importance of the preschool working with us. We cannot accept them ignoring the problem and if things don't get better at school, in the sense that he needs inclusion and extra help, then we'll have to think of different alternative for V.
    I guess, I'm gonna cross my fingers that the school is indeed taking it seriously and that our meeting yesterday was not just a show.
    This year, I will simply not settle for anything but the best.
    She also hopes that since we are working with him at such a young age, he might overcome his issues before elementay school starts. One year seems kinda short, but who knows? I know that early intervention can do wonders (my oldest completely over came a severe speech delay).
    Ok, time to learn a bit more about Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)!!
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    That's good news you've got more information. Knowledge is power!
    Can you explain a bit more about what her testing involved? What questions, etc, she asked? Very interested to know more!
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    Get thee to the Occupational Therapist (OT)!

    Ask for more than just sensory - Occupational Therapist (OT) can test both sensory, AND motor skills. Worth it - even if one or both come "clean" - but I suspect you'll land "something" there.

    And yes - getting this stuff rolling at this young age? Talk about a recipe for success rather than failure. Some stuff may require longer-term intervention/accommodation... but you are likely to avoid secondary issues (depression, anxiety, etc.) from having subtle problems not being dealt with!

    Way to go!
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    I love meetings where you come out better than you go in. :bigsmile:
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    Part of the testing was the ADOS test for autism. She sees how he responds socially in his play, how he reacts to disturbence. How he includes people or not. If he understand the back and forth of a conversation.
    She also asked A LOT of questions. That's mainly through our conversation that she saw Sensory Integration Disorder (SID) and maybe ADHD.
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    YAY! YES, early intervention is key, so you're well on your way. Seems to be a good news day!
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    Duckie has been diagnosis'd with sensory integration disorder and the change in her since using the Wilbarger Protocol has been nothing short of remarkable. I won't commit to re-classifting her as a easy child just yet but she's pretty darned close. I hope you have similar results.