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I dvr'd last nights 2 episodes of Gray's.....Only watched the 1st one so far and I must say, if the Addison story line is the lead-in to the spin-off I LOVE IT!!
:rofl: Addison had some great scenes. Opening scene in the elevator?! and later, "F@rt Logic" excellent phrase!

I really thought, when Naomi was giving Addison the results of the tests, that Addison was going to be pregnant already! With Alex. I was sad to hear the results.

Cooper! Too funny with the lady love from the internet. That line, after they find his car trashed;
"I loved her"
"What was her name?"
Back at Seattle Grace, I thoroughly enjoyed poor Christina's torture with her mom and...."Mrs.....Mama" When Christina asked Callie to be a bridesmaid? I was truly rolling on the floor!!

Very intrigued by what may come with Mer and that family dynamic. I hope the best for Susan.

Looking forward to the next episode.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I have to admit that I am not enjoying the character development. It's as if the old personalities are shed to see the characters are opposite of what they appeared.
George is a zombie, Izzy is mean, mean, mean. Burke is not the sexy, arrogant surgeon and I don't think they can resuscitate the relationship between Mer and Derek. Even Bailey has been reduced to yelling orders with no real role in the show.
So far, the only one I have seen with any depth this season is Callie.

I won't tell you more since you haven't seen the second episode.

easy child thinks Addison's show looks like the home for failed tv series stars. There were some funny lines. Although I hate when they make having a baby as an answer to an empty heart. I'm sort of glad that didn't work out for Addison. Besides babies makes for a losing drama series. No one is interested in the boring day to day life of an infant and mother. Drama needs drama and single professionals seem to be the only ones who have excitement and titillation enough to succeed on TV. Enough of my soap box. It's just TV. I enjoy the show and the beautiful people who look so lovely all the time. </span>

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I was jumping back and forth between ER and GA the last 10 minutes....did Susan die?? I got the distinct impression that she died but now I'm not sure. I can't watch it tonight because I will be on the road. Anyone?

I still don't really love Addison's character - she seems too fake or contrived, not natural or real, to me. But maybe she has to get into her role more or something. The new show seems interested though. I love that the guy from Wings is in it!


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: JoG</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> I love that the guy from Wings is in it! </div></div>

I thought that was who he was, but I kept thinking he was too young! He seemed like he was older when he was on wings??

Anyway, I'm not sure about the new show. There were some funny parts, but it seems a little out there.


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I fell asleep 30 minutes into the show. :hammer: Is that an omen?

Hopefully, I'll be able to stay awake tonight. lol



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I fell asleep during the first 15 of Ugly betty and woke up for the last 20 of Grey's. I am gonna watch tonite too.


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Fran, I am with you. So is boyfriend. It just is getting so ridiculous. Why can't they just build on their personalities instead of changing them up so much.

We need more of Izzy and George - trying to do the right thing. More of Mer and McDreamy being happy together - moving forward in their relationship. He is tired of saving her? Agh! Just does not sit right with me.


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I'm still trying to decide if I liked it or not!

I agree with Fran about so many of the characters seeming to have had "personality transplants"! I think I'm loosing patience with it. And I don't want to feel that I've invested all this time and emotion watching Derrick and Meredith, only to have him dump her because he doesn't want to "breathe for her"! Christina does seem to be getting in to the "bride thing" a little more though. And Izzie is coming off more and more as just childish and trashy! It's very hard to like her character anymore.

They've made it sort of confusing. In the beginning of the season, they started off with several of them being very unlikable, then they showed their human side and you became more sympathetic to them as it went on. And now some of the ones we liked in the beginning, like Izzie, are becoming obnoxious!

I'll withhold judgement on the Addison spinoff for a while. I know it's supposed to be California and all that, but what's with the little surfer boy/receptionist or whatever he was????


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Gosh I didn't like it. I thought I was watching a mild porno flick at times. I mean come on, all those women goo gooing over a young boy with a surfboard? It made them look shallow and ridiculous. Even husband sd it looks like a failed tv show.

I'm sad that I missed ER.

Oh where oh where have my McDoc's gone? I am so glad you all were feeling the same as I with the show and the Addison spinoff. Kept thinking that it was me just being in a funk.

All characters are just...blah! :rolleyes:

Anyone else see the preview for next week? If so, did you see who the chief was yelling for help for?

Hoping for an improved storyline SOON!!


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I always find Shonda's blog fascinating to read after I read the comments here. Here's the link to her...and to the comments people write directly to her. The link pops you to the comments but you can move the arrow on the right side UP to read Shonda's column:

I didn't think the spin-off (that Shonda says is only wrapping up a storyline for Addison...yeah right...) was that bad. I always love Tim Daly and I liked the Amy Brenneman character a lot, too.

I thought Addison/Kate Walsh was over-acting. Her facial expressions look contrived to me but I've always thought she was the most gimmicky and least talented actor in the cast ( :warrior: put on my body armor to ward off the tomatoes from you guys :warrior: ).

Back to Grey's...I was very upset that Susan died. I really liked her character and wanted Meredith to have an opportunity to know a good "normal" Mom, instead of just her brilliant imperious Mom.



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I didn't like it so much that I did not even watch the Friday rerun.

And I am usually glued to the television by Friday night, trying to figure out what I missed in Thursday's episode.

It WAS sort of like mild porn, wasn't it.

I agree with Pony though, that there were some funny parts and some parts that contained the poignancy we all came to love the show for in the first place.

I wish they had continued putting all that talent and time into one show instead of trying to make two moneymakers and losing the original excellence.

It's becoming too character-driven, now.

Man, I did enjoy that show when it was good, though! :smile:

Remember all the fun we had with Meredith's panties?!?




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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Thanks Suz. I don't usually read the background stuff. I like looking at things through uninfluenced eyes. Sort of why I don't like book clubs. Seems silly but it's how I do it.
Anyhow, I'm glad to know that my instincts were right. I'm not sure Shonda can bring it back. Once a series loses it's edge it's pretty hard for it to come back. Of course, they couldn't possibly keep the level of intensity going as it has been.
I loved the Addison character and thought the transition from ice queen to flawed and lonely was superb but this last episode just had her a caricature of someone stupid. On the same order of how Bailey was used this episode. Very one dimensional. I'm not a very good judge of acting abilities. I just know characters I love and characters that don't touch me.
I don't know about the rest of you but I can appreciate a male person with the best of them but if I'm heartbroken over infertility and being rebuffed by Alex, I doubt I would derive pleasure from the voyeurism. Besides the boy was too young to be tempting. A man would have been much hotter. LOL. It was a really silly scene.

PS: I thought it was interesting that she was deprived of TV as a kid and is now a total tv addict. </span>


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Oh, good thinking, ladies.

The surf's up guy should have been older.

And while we are at it?

Let's make him more prosperous, too.

And handsomer.


What they should have done was had McSteamy go surfing.

Or better yet, just walk across the room in white tie and tails with a rose for Addison.

I would have been on the sofa at one o'clock for THAT one!!!

Hang ten, Dude! (Isn't that what the surfer's say? Hang ten, dude?)




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Yes, the surfer scene could have been better. I have to tell you, my easy child (male, 15 yrs old) <u>HATED </u>that scene!! :smile: Of course he would. I resisted the urge to explain the double-standard there!!



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I understand what they were trying to do with the surfer guy scene, it just wasn't very effective. I didn't find him attractive at all and it seemed weird that, apparently, they all did! To me, he looked like the average run-of-the-mill high-school kid you'd see cruising the mall, playing arcade games. It would have been better if they had used a guy who was maybe a teensy bit older than that one, and one who was so totally flat-out GORGEOUS that you didn't have to wonder why they were all looking at him!

:wink: :wink: :wink:


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Well when you all analyze the surfer scene so much, it is kinda cheesy! I stll thought it was kind of amusing. I agree that he's not all that attractive. Probably would have been better with an older guy, with a better tan....dark hair and killer blue eyes.....but that's my fantasy.....Where's Raoul anyway?


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Ok i just wanted to clarify something I thought Derrick was pulling away from Merridith because the Chief told him that he had promised Merridith's mother that he would take care of her. My impression was that he told Derrick that he could not recommend Derrick for the Chief position if he was with Mer because of what the job had done to his own marriage.

I thought the spinnoff seemed to have it's funny moments but am not sure if it is going to be something I will enjoy on a regular basis. i also thought the surfer dude scene was both contrived and didn't find the guy very attractive either.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #000099"> RM, i think you're dead on with-the mer/der relationship. becoming chief is his professional goal & he's being told by the chief he won't go to bat for him to protect meredith.

i enjoyed the show. as much as shonda claims it's not s spinoff you don't bring in people like amy brenneman, tim daly & tye diggs for a one~shot.

if this show goes forward it will have a very different flavor than GA. it will be lighter, not as intense i'm thinking.

GA has not jumped the shark in my opinion. we only have one, maybe two more episodes & shonda promises a return to fun in season 4. i can hardly wait.

kris </span> </span> </span>