Shana Tova - Wishing you all a happy new year

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Allan-Matlem, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Tonight at sunset begins Rosh Hashana , the Jewish New year and day of judgement of the whole world
    You and your families will be in my thoughts and prayers for a successful year and a breakthrough in helping our kids to be successful and happy.

    The question is always asked why the Day of Mercy - Yom Kippur = the day of atonement comes after Rosh Hashana - the day of judgement , shouldn't we first atone for our sins and then go into the day of judgement.

    Repentance takes 2 forms - creating a new vision for one self , a commitment to the future and 2ndly dealing with the past , reparing and making amends. Focusing on the past first undermines our self esteem and our abilities to create a vision that won't be pulled down by the past. We need healthy self esteem , sense of self worth to create that vision and make a commitment to values. Self esteem is the belief that we have the inate ability to put in the effort and change It is a belief that we are good people and that the reason we are empathic and don't hurt others is not because we are scared of the consequences to us , but because we are the type of person who wouldn't want to hurt others. Once we have this new vision of ourselves , dealing with the past is more meaningful. A thief who has not undergone a transformation offers a meaningless apology , after we change we can ask ourselves , how could we do that .
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    Thank you, and a very Happy New year to you and your family.
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    Thank you for that information, Allan. Our pediatrician is a devout Jew. Also the choir I work with (all three of them) includes a devout Jewish woman who is also a very joyful and active person, despite having cancer in her bones now. She also teaches us little snippets about her faith; we all swap notes! Trying to organise rehearsals to fit in with all of us can be a challenge sometimes.

    At Easter (which this year for once coincided with Passover) someone sent her some kosher chocolate. Unfortunately the postman simply threw the package over the fence and her puppy got to it. One very sick puppy! Thankfully, he survived but the chocolate did not.

    Enjoy your new start, may it be a wholehearted beginning.

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    Thanks for that, A-M. A very happy new year to you and yours also. :)
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    Happy New Year!
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    Shana Tova! Leshana Tova Tikoseiv Vesichoseim.
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    Shana Tova to all! May it be a good year.

    Love, Esther