She got picked up


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difficult child finally got picked up on Wednesday am due to some super sleuthy work on my part. She sent me an email, I tracked the IP address back to an ISP, called them, who in turn said if the police showed up with the IP address they would give them the residential address. Sure enough she was picked up. Pretty good huh??

I have had a rash of emotions since then going from what can I do to help her, to forget the probabtion cause she doesnt obey it anyways, back to trying to get her back into the program that she just finished to letting her be released to the people that she has been staying with for the last 2 weeks.

She has been held for 2 nights and is going back to court today at 1:30pm. Her boyfriend was in court yesterday and is supposed to get the phone # and last name of the people that they are staying with so the PO can check it out and make it an approved residence for her to stay at. We were pushing to have her go back into the Oasis program as part of her probation order but the judge didnt seem to think that it would work a second time even though the program has said they would do more of an independant living program with her so that she could go out on her own of the Independant Living program run by Income Assistance when she was finished. But it doesnt look like that is going to happen. So, as long as these people dont have a pile of crack on their kitchen table and are willing to take her, I guess that is where she is going to end up. All the power to them. As long as they go into it with thier eyes wide open.
I talked to difficult child on Wed night and she went from being mad at me and never wanting to see me because everything was my fault of course, to wanting me to show that I care about her. The thing that got me was that she said the people that she is staying with care about her and I dont. I asked her how I was supposed to show her that I cared when I didnt know where she was or how to find her. I told her that Ive emailed her and she says that she will call but doesnt. What else was I supposed to do?? She made every excuse under the sun for not calling of course but I called her bluff. She was always welcome to call collect. She also said that she might be pregnant. Silly girl. I told her that it wouldnt be a wise thing to do as she is talking about getting a job and going back to school in the fall. This would pretty much cramp her style and that she had her whole life to have babies so waiting would probably be the best thing. I think that she was just trying to get my goat, but I tried my best not to buy in. :slap:

I dont know what is going to happen now, but in a way I dont really care. She is going to totally disregard everything that I say or try and do for her. I was reading a post where DDD said "The system has enough people already. Dont blend roles with the enforcers. You are the mom and your child needs the mom that God gave her". That gave me alot of insight and peace and made me realize that I need to step back and let the decisions be in difficult child and the judges hands.

Thanks for reading my novel...LOL Ill update later after I talk to the PO about the outcome of court today.



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I'll look forward to the update and hope that it something to bring some peace (or at least lack of into your family. Hugs. DDD


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Thanks. Im at the point(today that she can so what she wants. Nothing I do works and its her life so until she decides to straighten up, there is not much anyone can do.


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I'm happy she's found and safe. I'm sorry she is putting you through her wringer. Hopefully, the court will find something that will help your daughter.

Since you really have no control and, it sounds like, little say-so as to what happens to her at this point, the best you can do is be her mom. Let her know you love her, that you will be there for her as much as YOU can. Basically, do what is right for you, not what you think is right for her.


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I'm releaved she was found and is safe. Some pretty good detective work there.

Now hopefully everone else will do their jobs.