She Relapsed


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Hi Family:

She relapsed.......I don't have the details. She is at the soberhouse now. I don't know what's going to happen. :nonono: :crying:

Just knowing you guys are here is a big relief........



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My heart just dropped as soon as I saw the title of that post. I know how you feel and it's not a good feeling. I'm surprised she's still at the soberhouse. Most of those places kick you out as soon as they find out you relapsed.

This is such an awful rollercoaster. I don't know if I'll ever really feel comfortable no matter how long my difficult child is clean. I'm always looking for the signs.

Hopefully, like my difficult child, she will want to get back on track and do what she needs to do to get clean again. My difficult child is just starting to gain his life back and I pray everyday that it's enough for him to conquer the cravings.

Let us know when you hear anything else. I'll be checking in often for an update. Hang in there and turn all your energy to that little baby!!


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So sorry. (((Hugs))) and Prayers that this is a one-time event, and she is able to learn something valuable from it. You are in my heart.



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I'm so sorry for you & your difficult child. I am happy that J is safely with you & difficult child is at the sober house. My prayers are being added.


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I'm so sorry to hear this, but from what I understand the average addict relapses several times before getting clean. It's good that she is back at the sober house. She needs the support from people who have been there. You will all be in my thoughts.


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I dont have a whole lot of experience with sub abuse but I have watched enough shows about it and read enough about to know that relapses are common. Have you ever considered contacting someone like Dr. Phil to see if he would help her with a longer term inpatient rehab? He seems to be able to find fairly good places. I just saw a show yesterday about addiction.

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Oh thank you so sorry!! It is so hard for these kids, and sometimes it takes 50 attempts and 50 relapses before it works but in the meantime it is nothing but heartache.

I will be checking in for an update. Lets hope it was a one time lapse in judgement and she gets right back on track.



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So sorry to hear this. At least custody order is in place. Hang in there, relapse is part of the process and hopefully she will get back on track and stay thee.



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So sorry/ I also hear this happens often before they stay on track for good. I hope she is back on track soon. You'll both be in my thoughts and prayers.


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I heard somewhere that the average is three times thru rehab before it actually sinks in....

Just glad custody was settled before dragging a child thru it too...

Thinking of you and hoping another attempt will prove effective....


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It is very true that relapse is a huge part of recovery and is to be expected, but I know first hand it doesn't make it any easier. Each time they relapse and get back into recovery you pray it is the last time. Everyone tells me that I'll know when my son is ready and I can see what they mean. Not to say he may never relapse again, but I see a huge difference this time around out of rehab, in his actions and his way of thinking. Hopefully your daughter will find this place for herself one day soon. Hopefully all our difficult child addicts will find their way someday.


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I'm so sorry, Melissa. The good news is that she's back at the soberhouse.

Yes, many/mosts addicts do relapse. I know with my difficult child, he had the pot problem and went to an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for 4 months. Not quite 2 years later, he relapsed again, and went from pot to crack cocaine after about 2 weeks of pot.

Once again, Residential Treatment Center (RTC), but that time, it was for 10 months.

About 2 months after he came home after being drug free almost a year, he relapsed for a weekend. He ended up calling us, scared to death. He said it wasn't fun anymore; it was just scary.

As far as I know, he has not drugged since.

It can be done. She has that gorgeous little baby to hopefully inspire her to clean up her act and stay sober/drug free this time.

Many hugs to you. I know how devastating it is when you think they're clean and they relapse. You go through that pit in your stomach all over again.



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So sorry. Like others though, am so glad the baby is safe and hope your daughter can get herself together. It is so hard.