She's 18, update


Yesterday Jame turned 18. If only I really could feel that I was no longer responsible for her.

College is going good for her. Some depression/homesickness but nothing more than most college freshmen.

The school is pushing her class to find an internship this summer. She has been offered one and should hear back from 2 others next week. The one she was offered is tentitive as they have yet to secure funding. Additionally, that one does not provide housing so it might be difficult to make it work. However, it would be a good change for her and a big part of me would like her to do it over the other ones.

She was home for spring break last month. She was awfully antagonistic and just not very nice. I did realize that week that she is not really all that arguementive any more, she just tries to bait you into argueing with her about nothingness. If asked to do something, ect she pretty much does it. Since christmas she has had to deal with a parking ticket and a fine from the tsa. She tried to carry a toy (metal) throwing star onto a plane. The says she didn't argue with the guy but my aunt works for tsa and she says that they only fine minors if the minors are giving attitude. Based on how she was at home, I would have to say that she is/was full of attitude - or NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD) rearing its head as she did not read his nonverbal communication correctly to tell that he was not in the mood to hear her excuses. She also had to deal with a bounced check as she did not pay attention to her checking account and what items had cleared. She still does not believe that she needs to write down what she spends her money on because she can see it all online. So in a matter of 2 wks she was fined about $200. Not a very nice wakeup call - real natural consequences can slowly start seeping into her life.

In May, she will have finished her first year of college. She's doing really good.



Gosh, Coriwyn. I can't believe she's old enough to be in college. Where's the time gone?

Natural consequences bite! These are manageable. Hope she doesn't keep "testing." lol


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A lot of maturity comes in the college years. Hopefully she will some day realize and appreciate all you've done for her. Perhaps not until she is totally responsible for herself.

But the first year in college is very stressful and it sounds like she is adjusting well.



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hi Corey, long time!
sounds like you have been doing some stellar parenting. Jame in college! Trish and she are so blessed having you in their world. take care of corey too!


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Sounds like she is really maturing. The bounced check is a good natural consequence.
It does sound like she probably mouthed off to the tsa. They are pretty lenient with minors from what I have heard.

All in all she is doing well. Good to hear college is going well. :thumb:



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thanks so much for the update! It sounds like Jame is maturing and learning, as you said, some natural consequences (which is always a good thing in the long run).

Where does the time go?



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Corey - what a good update to read!! My gosh, can't believe she's almost done with- freshman year. You and Trish have really done a wonderful job... what great advocates for her.

Gotta love natural consequences, especially when they come from outside sources. :wink:

Glad to hear things are going well. Really great news!