She's back...


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she had to move out from Xbf house...the one without a working furnace.

At least she had a girlfriend pick up her and her stuff and drive her home.

Taking deep breaths. Still imposing a 10pm curfew on week nights, at least until she actually finds a job.

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Hang in there!!!

Keep taking those deep breaths but make sure you don't hyperventilate.


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She's been home both nights since she moved back...but I am sure she will be out the next two nights, as per our original agreements.

So far, we have gotten along, but my levels of small irritations will continue to build. I get up in the mornings, and things are left out of place. Her boots in the middle of the family room. Empty salsa jar on end table. Doesn't put her dirty dishes in dishwasher. Doesn't even rinse them off, just left on counter.

Minor things...but these were the same irritations we dealt with for years, trying to teach her to pick up after her self. Last night, she got a large cereal bowl and filled it with ice cream. It was probably one third of the new carton.

But, she did agree to see the psychologist on Monday. Younger sis had an appointment that interfered with her new job. Older sis "thinks" she may have a job at a vape shop. Uggh. But she hadn't been hired yet. I tried to get her out and checking other options, but, she is so sure they are going to hire her, so she's not looking. This will probably drag out for a week or two before she will agree to look elsewhere.

So...the struggle continues. Today, I am not letting her sit in the recliner for 4 hours watching tv and snacking non stop.



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This must be so hard for you. I know you want so much more for her. I have been keeping up with your story. I really had high hopes when she joined the military. And then even when she came home again. I know it must be hard for her to treat your home like a revolving door.

I do hope talk therapy helps her. You just have to maintain firm boundaries or these "kids" will walk all over you/us.

Stay strong!


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The little things that matter to us aren’t even on their radar. Ugh! Hang in there. You are wonderful to let her back....again.