She's Home


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Detaching may be a good goal, but I prefer my daughter safe and home for now. She had quite an adventure for herself, up to and including sleeping behind a bank, spending two days in a serious gang/doper town/area, walking for miles with no clue where she was.

She lasted with the carney for 2 weeks until a girl threatened her and she got scared and quit. After that, the wandering occurred for the next week. She finally called me and asked to come home. I quite happily picked her up.

For now, she is a different person. She told me she did some thinking on this journey and came to the conclusion she needed to be part of this family, that I deserved better and that she was going to try much harder. I don't expect the attitude to stay, but I will certainly enjoy it while I can.

She has decided that she does want to move with me even if it is a retirement community and there will be no one there her age. Her goal is to find a job there, save her money and be able to move out in an adult, responsible way within two years. Who knows if she will succeed but I'm certainly willing to give her a chance to try. This is truly the first time she has ever had true, realistic goals.

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Thank God!

You won't believe how relieved I am to here she's home safe and sound.

I hope this adventure scared the desire for more right out of her.



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Hope her new attitude remains long enough for her to change things....and maturity has a chance to kick in....She will at least have some tales to tell from her "carney life".


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Hopefully she will continue to think about her experience and it will be enough to cause her to change.

Glad she's home safe and sound.


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I take it your retirement community doesn't disallow people under a certain age? Many of those places up here have pretty strict age restrictions so you might want to read the fine print just to be on the safe side.

I'm glad she is safe and sound, meowbunny. Here's hoping an epiphany or three (dozen!) happened while she was testing the waters elsewhere.




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That's absolutely fantastic news that SHE decided on her own (with a little help from some professional carny's) that she needed to be back home and start planning her life.

How wonderful that she called you! She's on the right track. Enjoy.


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This is so good forever long it lasts. I believe that the experience will last in her mindlonger than we think, she just may not admit it.
You do what makes you feel is right, adn that will be the correct answere.