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  1. TheOnlyMe

    TheOnlyMe Relentless Warrior Mom

    I am sooooooooooooooooo tired of the stall tactics, intimidation and criminal nature of The State of Texas not willing to monitor the school districts of this state in regards to our children getting their FAPE!

    It is October 16, 2008, my adult son, whom I have authorization and power of attorney over to advocate for him, and I have been trying since 8/28/08 to get his IEP corrected from all of the errors for the ARD from before the Friday before school stated, that I am worn out!

    I also work with 16 families to parent teach them how to have a family voice and choice in their children mental health, and yet 90% are in crisis due to the lack of support they receive from the SD they go to which aggrevates their mental illness.

    I am so exhausted from the stress and then to see my son who has made a 360 degree turn around in a year in behavior and attitude be discoraged because he is 18, and they would just prefer him to quit!

    I need an attorney I am tired of nitpicking thru IEP paperwork of errors and it taking two weeks to get a reconvened ARD when they closed it out when it wasn't finished.
    Below is an example of the last ARD which lasted 3.5 hours and now this draft is incorrect! In the mean time he is getting tired of waiting. (it didn't show up right, so I deleted)

    I am worn out from monitoring them and then they still mess it up! My son is being patient but they told him yesterday he can have a tape recorder but teacher turns it on he cant touch and then if he buys his own he cant use do to confidentialty reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I need and attorney, cant afford one, need this resolved they have two years to get him caught up 6 yrs in math and Language Arts and they WILL not say he is Learning Disability (LD) it is his ED which impedes his progress!

    OMG - and now!!!! they will not even mention his academic level on the IEP, filed four TEA complaints not one incestigate they mislead responses and I dont have time to get the letter to the OSEP and OCR because of my work caseload of 6-16 yrs with SED's!!!!

    Someone please they are giving me so many administrative roadblocks I feel like I am in TDC with-o hope of parole!!!!!!!!
  2. LittleDudesMom

    LittleDudesMom Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Unfortunately Only, I can't give you specific advice on your request. I do understand your frustration though. Hopefully Sheila will be around sometime today and give you some support. Have you tried the advocate route rather than an attorney?

  3. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    It is exhausting. It's a travesty at what some parents have to go through with-some districts.

    I don't recall -- have you contacted The Arc? They sometimes take cases pro bono.

    You might also try contacting Jimmy Kilpatrick @ . Tell him I told you to call -- maybe he can give you some direction. (He is an advocate.)

    You might want to consider writing an article about your school district and submitting it to EdNews -- never know, with the documentation you have to back up your story it might get published.
  4. TheOnlyMe

    TheOnlyMe Relentless Warrior Mom

    Thanks for replying !:D

    I have advocated for 9 school district in Texas and a teach parents to advocate. I have had two advocates to teach me the laws years ago and the SD's when they made me mad enough to learn more.
  5. TheOnlyMe

    TheOnlyMe Relentless Warrior Mom

    I have talked to Jimmy when the medication wasn't being administered a few months ago, he told me to file the complaints, I have consult with an attorney who used to be THE attorney for TEA for 26 yrs, he told me he had every bit of confidence with the documentation I needed and believed I would get it.

    Today son comes home and the academic counselor pulls son into the office and says now tell me what you want and not what your mom wants!!! I am fixing to go to that school and tell where to go!!! He cant remember what she said or he said but "MOM it came out good!!!!"

    I refused the dept chair of Special Education to attend the meeting on the 6th and he was HOT!!! but I told him why do we have to have 10 people in a room which duplication of expertise especially with a special education supervisor in EVERY ARD when the law specifies the basis which makes up an IEP team!!! I have two more complaints and am waiting on approval for IEE from Bruce again!!!!

    Friday I go back to fight for youth in Conroe, with your ol friend on a conference call, oh that is going to be fun. They keep asking mom "why do you need an advocate?"

    Monday, got an ARD for a boy who has been in self contained classroom for 3 yrs and then they throw him out into three classes on one day without warning and he gets in a fight today!

    I have an ARD for a 6 yr old in Kingwood on next Friday who was at 1%PR behind in K last year and all they are giving him is speech and NOT wanting to do Occupational Therapist (OT) with no IEP! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of it. It is not just one district in Texas, is the whole D@MN state due to TEA!

    will try to find time for Ednews article in my spare time, i just got home from a 12 hour day
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  6. Sheila

    Sheila Moderator

    Monitoring the IEP and implementation thereof is a full time job on it's own.

    Most rather parents not have an advocate. lol

    Actually, it's that way throughout the USA.

    There are some great districts out there -- they are just few and far between.

    Word of warning: You're going to burn-out if you don't slow down.

    by the way, why are you doing so many complaints instead of consolidating them into one?

    You kinda have to be careful about filing complaints. If you file too many in a short amount of time, you'll get a reputation with-TEA, OSEP and OCR as "that crazy lady again." -- you know, just like the sd. lol
  7. TheOnlyMe

    TheOnlyMe Relentless Warrior Mom

    I had meeting with Executive Director of SD SS on Wednesday and told her if she would of responded in the ten days of the meeting in June as she indicated, the items of the June meeting addressed the TEA COMPLAINTS. TEA was at son's school on Monday and I saw the School superintendent their on Thursday.

    I was told by a the Dept Chair for Special Srvcs at difficult child "I am a precedent setter" BEST D@mn compliment I have gotten in a while LOL!!!

    At the meeting on the 22nd, I gave them info for COGMED and a clinic, her assistant and supervisor for Special Services all said they never heard of it. I had sent the EXEC Dir a email with these links prior to the meeting. Yet her answer was well let me do some research on it, it is a five week course on the computer costs $ 1500 and yet she gave me authorization for another IEP for Edu-Clinic the same day!!! I called him ( the dr from edu-clinic after the meeting) and he says what FOR????? Such mismangement of funds no wonder we cant get one on one's when we need them.