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    My son is 17 and he has been in and out of treatment facilities going on 3 years now. I'm honestly at my wits end!!! He had been diagonosed with adhd at age 5. he has been on all kinds of medication for it. when he turned 13 the dr diagnosed him with o.d.d. and bi-polar disorder. He then became very aggressive and constantly lying about everything under the sun!

    A week before my son turned 16 he tried to kill himself by swallowing a dozen of his pills and put himself in a coma for almost 2 weeks.
    Due to the lack of oxygen to his brain he now suffers from severe seizures. After he recooped from his coma he continued on his his bad behaviors such as larceny,weapons on school ground, falsely calling 911, stealing from stores, etc....

    He just recently got out of a treatment facility in which he was in for 9 months. The only thing he walked away with leaving that place was a book full of other bad behavior kids ph #s!!!

    I know as a parent I should never give up on my child but I'm very tired and I really dont know what else to do with him!!
    I have a 9 year old daughter and its not fair to her or my husband.

    Sadly my son is sitting in a behavior center right now awaiting to be transferred to the state hospital...

    I know I typed a lot of personal info but I honestly needed to vent and I find it very therapeutic opening up to parents on this forum.

    God Bless
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    Pretty sure that's what it's here for. Sorry you are going through all that and at 17 I think you have a right to feel "tired" of this behavior.

    -hugs- because you sound like you need one.
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    Your son sounds very upset and so do you (understandably).

    Could your son be using recreational drugs? That is often why our teens suddenly spiral out of control when before they were either normal kids or just difficult without all the extreme moodswings and drama. Drug use/abuse is probably (unscientifically) the biggest reason teens completely lose their values. They steal to pawn things for drugs. They lie because they have no choice. They don't care about the laws because their world is lawless. I am so sorry that your son took that overdose and now gets seizures. He should be taking good care of himself. Any other sort of brain damage?

    Sadly, once they get to a certain age, there isn't much we as parents can do to make them do the things that will enhance their lives. Some of us have had to make our children leave the nest because their behaviors were intolerable, illegal or dangerous to the rest of us. Your son is not 18 yet, but when that comes up, that's one choice that you have.

    If your son will not respect your house rules, you may have to go there if it is a threat to your young daughter. Does he get violent and have you ever called the police on him? Is your husband his bio. dad? If not, can his dad help? Is your son in school and does he have any plans for after graduation?

    I know this wasn't very helpful, but I think you figured out yourself that you have done all you can and would do more if only your son would decide to help himself. After a certain age, all you can do is hope they have a change of heart, and take care of the other members of the family so that they don't suffer or become endangered due to the one child...j

    Hard I know. Been there. Hugs!!!
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    I know that a state hospital is just about the last thing we want for our kids. But I am hoping it is a safe place for him and that the rest of the family gets a break and some rest. I really hope you and your son can get some help. Hugs... I wish I had more to offer. KSM
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    I have been there done that with mine. It finally landed him in a correctional treatment ( kiddie prison). He is making progress slowly but surely. He still has a long way to go. This maybe what he needs. Relax and enjoy your daughter and husband. I am taking advantage of my new found freedom. I love it.
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    Welcoming you with gentle hugs. Stick around and you will find much support here.