significant storms/damage thru the nite, increases flooding

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    The flooding had begun to receed. While we were in hospital, a major storm hit, but ourhospital is a solid building and while we did catch a glimpse thru the window - easy child did not have a window bed and we really did not kno how severe the storm was. Thru the nite storms continued, and shook the house, rattled things off walls and shelves. It roused me only enough to register it was storming, but thats nothing unusual.
    The news on TV showed some photos of some tornado activity in area and spoke of power outtages. (I have power, mine rrely goes out, can count on one hand how many times in 20 years)
    Got my newspaper in, and yes, some nasty storms, reflooding everything, closeing roads again. Then I looked in my BACK yard. UG! it is a huge mess and will require a LOT of my time energy and attention. <sigh>
    Hoping everyone weathered thru any storms OK and are safe. We are safe, our house is fine. I am coming close to declareing bankruptcy on my time, energy and attention, these days, tho. I hope flooded roads do not hinder the errands I MUST get done today.
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    after I posted last, just as my post registered here, lightening hit the transformer in our yard and sent live wires hanging and dangling, sparking etc. it blew our elec off.....
    firetrucks responded along with police and elec co trucks, blocked us in, told us to stay I could not get out right off to get PCs newest Rxes, etc.
    the temp and humidity are bad, it is HOT here. elec just came back on a couple mins ago. BUT they are still working on the damage outside.
    Turns out basement is now underwater, and thats where PCs bedroom normally is, all her possessions....<sigh>
    due to me being gone, and then to no elec this morning, dishes are piled, laundry is becoming mountainous....remembered we got notice earlier this week, due to previous flooding here, the water co is doing something called "smoke testing" of our sewers this week? (I never heard of this before) and smoke might come out of any of our drains thru the next 2 weeks. Yeesh. LOL- when it rains it pours.
    Got out to go to get medications and found the storm pulled off our makeshift cover on our Jeep- and the inside of the jeep is now a swimming pool. easy child is who uses the Jeep. she had a lot of things in the jeep. They are now mostly ruined.....including her WIC coupons for this month. <sigh>
    Seems poor easy child is getting blasted from all sides right now.

    Yes, things are just things, but the workload is piling bigger and bigger astronomically. exponentially.

    and without elec - or undependable elc for he moment, hard to get things on track to catch up-----

    BUT------ there are a few VERY GOOD things. Minor is that my errant sunflowers are now blooming all over, must be 20 or 30 in bloom, maybe they are in rather odd places, but that just makes them even more whimsical and fun, LOL.
    Major is easy child felt GOOD today, ate some SOUP_ and YAY! kept it down for 3 hours so far! This is HUGE. YAY! I want to dance and shout from the roof. YAY! Then she requested to go for a very short ride to store to take her work note to work HERRSELF. and then to top it off, she requested to walk AROUND the store to "stretch" and just be out of the house.....difficult child went with her around while I quickly gathered a couple things we absolutely NEEDED......and then we brought her home. This is the first time in 3 weeks I have seen her THAT alert, that good. This is WONDERFUL. She is now laying down for a lil nap......but she took care of some paperwork things before she laid down. and she is sipping fluids nicely. YAY! I hope we can keep her this way..keep things IN her. That is like my #1 wish above all else right please please stop her vomiting and break this dehydration and IV rehydration cycle.

    Well, I better get going and get onto everything. Not sure where to start. Have a great day!
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    Oh Dreamer - This is the very best news!!! :) I am so happy for you and glad to see easy child is feeling well enough to look for ways to stretch her legs.

    Sorry about the electricity and flooding - amazing how those just don't seem as tragic (even though they are a mess to deal with) after the time you have just had with easy child. Family health really is the top priority.

    Keep hanging in there - I see sunny skies ahead for you!
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    Oh my, I posted this yesterday. LOL. TODAY...very very early this morning, another storm came and hit the house...right between the bedroom (my sons) where easy child is now sleeping and difficult children bedroom....and the elec was off until just a few minutes ago (well, maybe an hour, now) LOL----yeesh. SO the backyard is STILL a huge mess from yesterday and day before and the Jeep and basement are under water, and I am sooooo tired...a little ..disoriented..what time is it what day is it, they are all running together now cuz seems since week before 4th of July, it has just been nonstop. My neighbors are just gonna HAVE to accept I can only do so much so fast and my lawn is NOT my top priority, nor is my yard. Altho I am quite sad, becuz I so very much enjoy my yard......and now all my flowers are damaged, my fence is damaged, I cannot evenmow till I figure out HOW to get the downed trees etc, cannot hire someone, used up too much money for all the leading into this crisises of recent chainsaw is broken, and while me and my neighbors have been neighbors a full 20 years, we are not speaking neighbors, never have been (Their choice, not mine)
    LOL, I have been saying I want to run away, but now today maybe I need to adjust that, maybe it now becomes I want to sail away? LOL. <sigh>

    Discourageing.....yes. Disheartening. Yes. WAY too much work piling up on my plate. FAR too few resources from which to draw on.

    Oh well, I am only one person. I can only do what I can do and right now, I guess I am catching mybreathe, driking my coffee and gathering my wits. And then I will do what anyone would do------pull myself up, and start chiseling away at it all somehow. But yes, easy child is FIRST. "Stuff" is just "stuff" (altho even throwing all the stuff away is problematic- expensive) and heck if village wants to put a lien on my house to cleanup my yard right now----fine. The world will NOT end over it.

    Sadly, after the elec came back on THIS TIME.....easy child did again throw up, DARN IT! (I posted in the other thread, "beyond insane")

    OK, so the best I can do is just gonna HAVE to be good enough, right?
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    I think it is time to hide in your room until it is all settled down - I am sure you start cleaning and then another storm comes and undoes your work.

    Your persistence is sure being tested. Focus on what easy child needs and only the most urgent of other tasks (laundry and clean dishes may be good and of course drying out jeep and basement) and let the other stuff stand (outdoor clean up can wait until the weather settles down - not much you can do until the ground dries up anyway.).

    Make your overwhelming list and just do one thing at a time -
    1st thing on the list is a nap - A very very looong nap - Catch up on your sleep even if it takes all of today and tonight - tell yourself that things will be much easier to take care of once you are stronger and more awake.

    When the ground is dry and you are ready for the outside work, is there a rental store you can rent a chainsaw? You may need to call and set a date to reserve it - I bet many people are facing clean up duty.
  6. dreamer

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    That is very good advice, spot on ------
  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I was just gonna say something and read Adrianne's post -- couldn't have said it better... a little bit at a time is all you need to do. It doesn't have to all get done at once. Put blinders on if you have to!

    Baby steps...
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    well no wonder it looks like a pondhere, I just read the emergency emails I get from county (I get special ones cuz of being part of disaster relief)
    one from yesterday morning said we had gotten 3 inches of rain in that 24 hours and one from this morning said we were getting rain at rate of 2 inches per hour, and a total of 3 more added to yesterdays 3 inches. THats a LOT of rain, and we had JUST taken down local sandbags against major river just a couple days ago, and the water had just finally receded from THAT flooding.

    This spring and summer and last winter have just been extremely intense and volatile. We have been setting new records for all kinds of weather events all year.
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    Aaargh. I remember all the storms we used to get in MN. For some reason we don't seem to get that many in VA. Of course, we make up for it with occasional hurricanes and nor'easters.
    I hope things settle down for you soon!
    Sorry about the transformer. We had to spend the night at our cousins' house a few yrs back, when we'd gone for dinner amidst an ice storm, and the transformer went out and the lines were jumping around the driveway. The fire dept. marked the area and wouldn't let us leave.

    What was your easy child sick with? I missed the original post. I'm glad she's keeping things down now.
  10. amazeofgrace

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    Mother Nature can be so scarey (storms), yet so beautiful (sunflowers)
    continued pryaers for easy child's complete healing
  11. dreamer

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    Terry- she is preg, and has severe extreme morning sickness and nothing at all had stayed down in 3 weeks. Worse the docs office was being jerks and er was being idiots, - she wound up haveing to go to ER once for IV rehydration, and then again a few days later with chest pains and needing rehydration, and STILL the doctor was being idiotic..and then wound up inpatient for rehydration, 5 IVbags in 3 hours. She has 2 types of zofran, prevacid, pepcid, and 2 kinds of phenergan...and even still, it kept going.
    This morning she did wind up throwing up once, magic, that was all--KNOCK ON WOOD. I am SO grateful for that. I believe it is all the good thoughts well wishes and prayers. So THANK YOU EVERYONE!
    We can cope with simple morning sickness. :)
  12. Abbey

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    Geez...we got a SPRINKLE of rain here today and were happy. I mean a sprinkle.

    Sorry for the weather issue. Water can be a big pain to clean up.