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    OMG, I'm just slightly freaked out right now, LOL. It rained for 2 days before the remnants of Ike hit us so we were saturated to start with. I *think* I cannot leave my home now. Our street is blocked off with about 1.5 feet of water at the end of our driveway. Cross street 1 house away is also blocked off, with a lovely fountain of water coming *up* from the storm drain. My back yard is completely underwater - could launch a boat from our deck/dock. I've watched about 25 cars come to this intersection and turn around - I know where some of these folks live and coming this direction is not the short way to get to main roads, so I think we're surrounded.

    husband took thank you back up to Chicago, and the Bishop Ford was closed due to flooding by the time he started the return trip home. He's in a neighboring community right now, completely lost (you know, men and directions) because he can't get thru most streets. I finally told him to head back to main highway a couple of miles north and then try to come south via another route.

    We haven't lost power (yet) so sump pump is doing it's job, but... I thought last year's storm was bad (flooded basement, etc). For the first time in my life, I now have water coming out my sewer line!!! Fortunately the washer hooks into the sewer in the basement so hopefully it won't back up further into the house. I'm just thanking heavens that I paid attention when the village came around and told me to take the sump pump line out of the main sewer line - I would guess the folks that haven't done that are flooding now.

    Gosh, it's just a mess. I'm hoping husband somehow manages to get home because I'm really a disaster without him. ;)
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    Ike is just getting here.

    I hope you have your life vests handy. This is one heck of a storm - it's just so huge.
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    Oh Sue! I hope the waters subside and don't continue to rise! What a helpless feeling that must be... sending prayers your way!
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    Sue and Heather stay safe! No risk taking, wait for the water to go down.
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    Oh, I'm not in a flood plain. I'm just enjoying the wind - lots of it.

    Devon has lost power at work about 2 miles away.
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    essshhh stay dry and safe.
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    I hope that you don't lose power so you don't get flooded. Do you have a back up generator? We got one several years ago and it has saved our butts. husband just installed this generator thingy on our electric box to power up some of the major things in our house if the power goes out. I should probably ask him to make sure that our sump pump is on there.
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    Hope you can stay dry!
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    We had a storm a few years back with 6 inches of rain in an hour. Roads were flooded and in some cases washed out, you couldn't drive anywhere in town without seeing flooded basements, and the basements of two homes collapsed in. It was wild!

    We've had a lot of rain as well as Ike passing through. Last night I have expected to see animals lining up two by two.

    Hope things are looking dryer soon for you.
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    Wait til the water goes down to go out. Stay safe. We didn't get the rain......just the wind.