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    I'm trying to do sit-ups. easy child 3 is laughing at me. Guess I make funny faces.:crazy2:
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    I can just see it.
    The harder HE laughs, the funnier you look.

    Makes for a good abs workout... for HIM. Not that HE is looking for a workout...
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    At least you can do sit ups.

    I haven't been able to since major surgery on my kidney. doctor believed not cutting into the side muscles but instead separating them would be less traumatic to my body. Maybe it was. But every since.....if I try to do a sit up those muscles he separated ride up over each other and I want to die. I can feel with my hand the muscles bunching up and omg! Sometimes it will happen if I bend over wrong or twist my body wrong too, then it nearly drops me to my knees. I think I'd preferred him to cut the darn things.

    And trust me, my tummy could use some sit ups. lol
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    This was the first time since the c-section that I have tried to do sit-ups. I was thinking I was having a hard time doing them. I'll keep you in mind now each time I do them.