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    we had a sleep consultation and a neurology follow up today for difficult child. im pleased with both apts...for once lol. the sleep doctors said that it sounds like he has parasomnia, which is the talking singing crying stuff hes doing in his sleep and that thats actually fairly common and normal in kids this age. they also think he has some restless leg syndrome type stuff going on, which would be why im covered in bruises when he sleeps in our bed lol. they are increasing the melatonin that hes on up to 6 mg and they have prescribed 1/2 ml of clonidine at bedtime. they want us to have a little routine where he gets a snack an hour before bed so that hes full, then 1/2 hr before bedtime, which will be 9 o clock from now on, so at 830 hell get the melatonin and the clonidine and then by 9 he should be pretty much asleep i guess. i have to wait till tomorow to get the clonidine cause i have to have it compounded into a suspension for him. so then we went and saw the neurologist...she was able to give me a name and number to get him a neuropsychologist evaluation done...she said that thats too many different diagnosis for one little boy lol so i will make that phone call tommorow hopefully if i have time. she said he looks good and that also she thinks hes exceptionally bright and probably gets bored easily and that may be some of the acting out, and then combined with being tired from not sleeping get the picture lol he tore that exam room up!! :crazy1:wanted to know what everything was and what it did and on and on lol then he got on this kick to wash his hands..ugh i was so glad to be in the car coming home lol

    have any of you moms used clonidine with your kids? she said he may get a tad dizzy when standing too quickly and to just watch him for excessive stumbling and falling. so im hoping this will help him. and im looking foreward to getting a neuropsychologist apt and getting that opinion too.
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    Clonidine is a blood pressure medication, thus the dizziness when standing up quickly. It's used off label to help induce sleep. My family doesn't have any experience with it, but I believe a patient must be tapered off clonidine if there's a need to remove the medication. Check with the prescribing doctor or pharmacist about potential side effects and what to do if difficult child experiences any.
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    My son used Clonidine for sleep a couple of years ago. It worked well, but sometimes he felt a bit "hung over" the next morning, which led to irritability. Clonidine can be quite sedating so there's a chance Nate won't need as much Melatonin as was prescribed.

    Good luck getting the neuropsychologist appointment.
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    Good luck with the clonidine!