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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by barbie, Apr 7, 2008.

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    Okay so Eric has been on clonodine now for like five days, his normal sleeping pattern is altered but not in a good sense, last night and not for the first time, he was sleeping and woke up to go pee, but this time was different he was standing up and peeing on my carpet, and when I heard the sound of wet falling, I woke up, he normally goes to the toilet when I asked him why he didnt get to the bathroom, he told me there was a cat in front of my door that didnt let him go. Now, I've thought for a couple of weeks that he needs to have a sleep study done, the twitching is why, its kinda like a newborns startle reflex, except there is no noise, nothing going on when it happens. I have a fan on all night cause, first I can't breathe at night without some air in my face (weird I know) but it provides white noise.

    I went online as usual to research and I read somewhere that sleep problems in children are more along the lines of children with autism, down syndrome, and other "intellectual" disorders.

    Have any of you noticed sleep issues, not the falling asleep but sleep issues, (I should mention Eric sleeps with me, so I am getting slapped in my sleep) (no wonder i need xanax) Im talking sleep issues.
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    OK, I'm confused. Was there a real cat blocking your doorway, or was Eric seeing things?

    And when you say "sleep issues, not the falling asleep but sleep issues," what exactly do you mean? Waking up in the night, sleepwalking or talking, nightmares or night terrors, restless sleep, what?
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    No there was no animal in my room, we dont have any pets at all.
    By sleep issues I mean, that he has no trouble falling asleep, but he twitches, like a newborns startle reflex, he moves alot and often because he sleeps with me, Im getting slapped and kicked, or have feet under my back. He doesnt sleep restfully, he doesnt snore, he takes good naps, but I dont know if they are nightmares but if I didnt know better, If I wasnt someone in the medical field myself, it would look like a petit mal seizure. Literally, he jumps, literally it is like a newborn baby's startle reflex, its a whole body jump.
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    It sounds like he was sleepwalking to me.
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    If you're at all concerned, you should request a sleep study as part of the current evaluation he's going through.