Sleep number beds


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I just ordered one. I absolutely hate my bed. husband got it with the bedroom set that we picked out before we were married. The mattress stinks. I'm so uncomfortable and I ache every morning. I even have tried a feather bed on top and the memory foam. I've slept in the number beds a few times and thought they were quite comfortable and didn't wake up achy. Anyone else have one? I didn't for the the Select comfort, cause they were $1,000 more than the Sleep Better Store.


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I looked at these but decided against since I figured once you found your number you wouldn't change it, so why not just find the firmness of a mattress that you liked and go with that. My husband and I could both sleep on boards with blankets, so we are lucky in that. I hate going places where there is an extremely soft bed, I usually end up sleeping on the floor......hah.


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My LDH and I had one of these for years; the one with the individual controls. The problem with these arises when one wishes to engage in any activity that does not keep each of you on your own side of the bed: you wind up having to adjust the bed for the activity.

Other than that and the airbag inside springing leaks, they are quite comfortable. Now that I live alone I just went with a high quality mattress that meets my (and the critters')standards.


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My dad has one at his house. It's great as long as the two sides are set close to the same number but, if they aren't and one is higher than the other you end slumped in the middle.

SO bought me a Tempurpedic mattress for Christmas and I absolutely love it. I sleep like a baby on it.

We tried one at a hotel recently. I didn't like it much, but I have the worst back in the world so I really don't like any mattresses! husband thought it was ok, but not worth the extra $.

I would love to try a temperpedic mattress, wish I knew someone who had one and could try it out for a few nights. Ya never know how you are going to like it till ya been on it for a few nights.

I hope you like yours!!