Small class sizes?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Jan 23, 2012.

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    I have recently joined a forum here in France for parents of ADHD children. This is helpful in terms of showing me that there are in fact all sorts of things in place that I have not come across in this part of France for ADHD diagnosed children that sound very similar to your IEPs, etc. People often talk about the battle they have had to get the condition recognised by teachers but that is another matter.
    Tonight there was a message posted by a woman whose 5 year old son (therefore in the same class as my son) is taking Ritalin. I was interested in this as it is not usually given to children under 6 here and she explained that he was unable to sit still in class, was constantly impulsive, inattentive, had no friends. This is in a normal-sized school of 25 kids in the class apparently.
    This really does leave me wondering... Why is it, then, that J manages (according to his teacher, who would be very likely to tell me if there was a problem) to sit still in class, to concentrate and to produce "work" that is either good or very good every day? Is it, in fact, simply because he is in a tiny class and the teacher has a lot of time to spend with him one to one? Would he be faring the same as this other little boy in an ordinary-sized school? He could well be, it seems to me.
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    Chances are sky-high.

    Class size has a HUGE impact. I've known excellent admins who insisted on keeping K-3 classes to a max of 20, and 4-6 to a max of 25... because anything over that is a problem even for NT kids.
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    Could be it would be harder on him, well I think it is on most kids...

    But it could also be that he would pull it off, work even harder than he is now... and be even more explosive at home... his spring compressed even further by the time he leaves school.

    I love you have the middle of the day break. I had that as a kid.... thru 6th grade actually. I loved going home for lunch.
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    Where's that <LIKE> button...!

    Buddy - that is EXACTLY how it is for so many of our kids... squeezing every last drop of "cope" out of themselves just to hang on at school... and then... <BOOM> (repeat until bedtime).