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    Well went to difficult child's hearing today and turns out it was just a bail hearing. The public defender asked to reduce bail from $15,000 to ROR or 10%. The judge denied it. So difficult child has another court date of 8/17/09. One of those where you show up at 8:30 and stay tilll his case is called. Also the charges have changed with new developments. Now charged with 7 felonies. We still have no idea what amount of time he is looking at. So he just sits and waits just like the rest of us.
    I am very worried about my step dad. He is so broken over this. I don't know how to help him and I don't think he will go to any meetings or counseling.
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    I imagine that your stepfather will have to go to at least some of the evidentiary hearings as a witness. He's not going to every little thing, is he?

    The reason that I ask is that those little hearings are he-- on others, and they aren't anything that really resolves anything. I know you aren't planning to bail him out or have him ROR'd to you, so they aren't hearings that you need to go to, either. (And it gives him a way to manipulate when you do.) Maybe you could talk to your stepdad and ask how he feels about attending, and assure him that you understand how upset he is and you will go as support to HIM if he wants it, otherwise you will stay home. It might open the lines of communication for him.

    Also, is he and/or your mom being seen by a crime victim's advocate from the DA's office? Maybe if you let them know how hard your folks are taking this they would make an effort.

    I can't remember if you said already, so I hope I'm not asking for a repeat, but did they find the guns?

    Big hugs....
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    My step dad was supenaed (spelling) to be there today and they said he will most likely be for the other heaings also. I don't know. Also they did find 2 of the 3 guns and that is good.
    Its been a long day so thats all i got for now I goin obed. I'll keep you all updated.
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    I am so sorry they are dragging this out. Does your son have a court ordered attorney yet? Didnt you post in the other thread that he did this stuff with other people? If so, it may be in his best interest to talk to the attorney to turn states witness and turn the other guys in and get the best deal he can. Even if they dont need him to be a witness, if he makes a deal to avoid trial they will probably do it just to avoid the whole hassle of a trial. Its less expensive for them. Thats what my son did and he got off a whole lot easier than if he went to trial.