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difficult child has been almost easy child this summer without school. That was about all it took for me. It's just not worth the stress on her, the daily meltdowns and rages, the daily morning battles and the off the chart anxiety which leads to so many other things so I've re-enrolled her in the online charter school.

Our SD started this past Wednesday. Online school starts next Wednesday. The day before our SD started, I went to the school and told them what was going on. Today the school calls. Said that the charter school hasn't asked them for records yet - which would be the official withdrawal of difficult child from SD - so difficult child is still a student in their district and that we were going to get into a truancy issue and they didn't want to do that. I said, "I agree, YOU don't want to do that." It's the 3rd day of the school year for the SD. She has an IEP in place; it talks about her school phobia. I dare them to try the truancy issue.

I called the charter school and they said her application will be completed in time for her to start next Wednesday. I'm so sick of the bs with this SD. When easy child was severely depressed, he missed A LOT of school and I never got any of this crap. Makes you wonder if they single her out. Sigh...

I'm so sorry you're having problems with the SD. Right about now, I think I know how you feel :grrr: (But this is your post, not mine).

Since the on-line charter school starts five school days after the SD, I wouldn't let the SD get to you. The SD would just be wasting their time if they were to start with truancy issues knowing full well that your difficult child will be starting school five days later. (I hope this makes sense. I think I need to go to bed EARLY tonight!)

I too, often wonder if some kids are singled out. As I said already, try not to let the SD get to you. It just sounds as though they're trying to give you a hard time.

I hope you get a bit of "me" time this evening... :flower: :bath: :reading:, etc... WFEN :flower:


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This type of things makes me seethe as well. For crying out loud.......why can't they just call the charter school to verify everything? It is the same SD!!!!
I know kids get singled makes me sick, but it is true! What I would do if I could single handedly erase judgment in mankind! Now that would create world peace!

Hang in there!

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Sorry you are having to deal with all of this. What a difficult time they are giving you. I agree that the school district won't pursue this-it would be very expensive-and it sounds like they would be laughed right out of court.

Hugs to you. :flower:


I know they won't do anything because Ohio law is very clear and it doesn't become a truancy issue until 10 days of unexcused absences. That's what makes me so mad...empty threats. And for no good reason.

They asked me if I had even turned in the application yet for the online school. I had. They then said they were going to verify that. Good, you do that.

I have 2 children in this SD and 2 very different experiences. Unreal.


I so can understand your frustration when I homeschooled difficult child 2 and easy child they marked them both as missing for 13 days until the pulled their heads out of their proverbial behinds. I had done all the prper paper work too. Ugh. Why they do that I don't know. Those absent days are still on their records too and the school district said they wouldn't fix it. So you might want to make sure you watch for something like that.



I'm glad that you're going to home school her. She reminds me in some ways of my difficult child and if I had the means, I would home school him. You're a great mom!


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Heather, I posted on MrsCatintheHat's thread about my analysis of schools. I don't want to duplicate by putting it here as well, but read it. I think I'm right, but it might also give you an ironic giggle.



Keep us updated on how the on-line school is working. I do beleive Schools single out kids. We have a new school called "e-school". Curious to see how it goes. Keep us informed.


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This is what I've observed about the top-notch public school system (which I graduated from) that N* attends. When she's there and misbehaves, they want to suspend her. When she's home sick, they want her there. They want her to be a student in their school for the attendance number to get $$ from the state, but if she's absent for a statewide aptitude test, she's never asked to make it up...she tends to bring down the aggregate/average test scores. They pat themselves on the back about graduation rates, and college bound graduates, but they struggle with recognizing small achievements of some underachievers --


My personal opinion - I believe that large organisations, especially state-based, and education facilities in particular, are autistic. They meet the criteria really well - they have difficulties with communication; they have major difficulties with social interaction (often inappropriate) and an intense focus on meticulous detail in ways which turn out to be basically unproductive and meaningless. Obsessive-compulsive in the extreme. Plus they often have disordered sensory issues especially with input, narrowing their focus down to the level where they can cope. For example, you tell them things and if they're not completely ready to hear what you have told them, they forget it immediately and deny they were ever told. As with those with autism, putting it in writing is a good defence for this problem.

Marg, I think you're right.

EVERYTIME - and I do mean every single time - I have tried to talk to the SD and respond to their questions/statements, they talk over me. It was at that point yesterday and they mentioned truancy and then I said what I did, followed by, "Anything else? No? Thank you." (in that syrupy sweet voice). Click. There was no point in continuing the discussion. I have not encountered that behavior anywhere else. The only other person that does that is my mother. And I've learned when she does that she's not really interested in hearing what I have to say.

You know, I think I'm on to something here.....