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    Things have been stressful but every day I have taken time to put the stressful things out of my mind and allow myself to enjoy the wedding planning process. Usually I take an hour or two (although some days longer when I'm home alone!) each day to browse sites for things (favors, decorations, etc).

    I've been working on our ceremony quite a lot. The pastor mailed me a huge packet with sample ceremonies typed out to either pick one or adapt one or merge some or whatever. I somehow decided I liked some parts of each ceremony and had some ideas myself that just felt right for S/O and I. So I decided to write not only my own personal vows but also the ceremony itself so that each word speaks to S/O and I and to our family and friends.

    It's so exciting, and emotional but in a good way. I haven't finished yet and there's plenty of time to perfect the wording and add things etc. But I'm liking how it's coming together. easy child is going to do a reading, I'm sleuthing the perfect poem for her. She is also going to not only be my maid of honor but she is also going to be playing piano for my walk down the isle! The dj will play whatever music I select for the wedding party part of the walk down the isle, then easy child will be playing a classical piece for me, she's got lots of time to practice it and I can't picture a dry eye in the house with my easy child playing for me, S/O waiting for me and my difficult child all gorgeous in a tux walking me down the isle on his arm to give me away. I keep thinking that I'm not just blessed by having S/O and this wedding to look forward to, but at this moment in our lives it is just the thing to find a happy focus each day for a while given the rest of the stuff going on that is a emotional struggle.

    Tried to get my cousin to help look over the ceremony and see what she thinks so far, she said NO! She wants it to be a surprise for her too, she's more like a sister to me and she's a brides maid. I'm on my own with it apparently lol. Having only been to 3 weddings in my life, one as a teen that I barely remember, I hope I dont make a mess of it. Would love to hear of anything particular that has stood out to anyone at weddings they've attended (in terms of the ceremony).
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    Whatever you "feel" is going to be right. I have been to many weddings, all very traditional, but the one thing that always brings a tear to my eye is the personally written vows. You can always tell when the words the bride and groom say to each other come from their hearts. If something feels right, it IS right. Go with your gut but throw in some fun too!! My one cousin and his bride literally danced down the aisle of the church. That is what they were doing when they met and that was something they have always done so it only seemed right they continue to do it. It was hysterical (you should see my cousin get "funky") but it was so them. Know what I mean??
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    Just dont get all

    I know you are going to be all sappy and in love the whole next year...lmao. Do you get the show with David tartula up there? He does such fantastic weddings. I would be watching his shows for little touches you could throw in. I think the thing they do where they light the candles is awesome...especially since you are doing it at night...maybe you all could light a, SO, Matt and easy child...and then take those candles and light one big if all your individual candles are now forming one union.
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    I haven't been on much, so forgive me.....