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    scream! :furious: The last IEP was bad, but this new one, supposedly revised from our conversation of 2 weeks ago, is a total JOKE! Accommodations have been removed, and the ones that remain are stated in 2 sentences on a fill-in-the-blank form. A NEW FBA was attached that I did not agree to nor was involved in.(Don't know where the original is, it seems to be missing, which was one of the things we discussed. I asked where it was and what I got was this new one.) I have sent copies in an email to the advocate I found, so waiting for her advise, but this whole thing just has me completely furious.:919Mad:

    The SD is basically trying to go backwards and remove difficult child's accommodations to make her just like all the other kids. No mention of having all books, folders, etc color coded per class as I asked, no mention of an electronic devise(recorder or PDA type) to replace agenda book, and the part about the teachers contacting me immediately of any missing assignments is gone. They way it was rewritten, I am responsible for emailing the teachers to find out about assignments.(Which I do anyway, but the point is the teachers should have some responsibility her too) They are putting everything back on me and difficult child. One statement "She needs to take responsibility for her homework being completed" just sends me into fits. difficult child has attention problems, organizational problems, and forgets things. How do they expect her to take responsibility if they are not helping to teach it to her! On top of that, they won't allow her to chew gum(she chews on everything), yet expect me to buy a chew tube. Um, they are supposed to pay for that.(The one time they got her one it was sooo small difficult child had the whole thing in her mouth).

    I called the lady(idiot) that wrote this joke of an IEP and left her a message that I did not authorize a new FBA, that the IEP was absolutely unacceptable, and that I am therefore requesting that an outside person who specializes in writing IEP's for Asperger's/Mood Disorder be brought in to write a proper, non-fill-in-the-blank IEP.

    When I am calmer I will write a letter to the director of Special Education to please remove this idiot from my daughters case and get me a specialist in writing IEPs for my type of difficult child.(Yes, this is the same idiot who has lied to me 2x already).

    They are also trying to hold difficult child back into pre-algebra again because at the half way point she had a C in it. They want a B- or better or they make you repeat the class. I had told them in no uncertain terms that they could NOT make difficult child repeat a class, it was asking for trouble caused by bordom.

    I am tired of fighting, tired of trying to get people who don't care to understand difficult child, and tired of the lies and tricks they try to pull.:givingup::2dissapointed::sad:

    I think it's time for a nervous breakdown, my sanity has left me.(Not really but sometimes thats how I feel)
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    No real advice right now but sending you a big hug.

    We had lots of issues last year and I had requested an FBA be done. What we got was a joke but I found some really good info and printable step by step sheets for them to use. I am going to go look for them now.
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    Thank you for the link.

    I heard from the advocate this morning, and she is in total agreement with me that the school is stupid.(Not in those words though.) She said the FBA was not written correctly, the "student needs" were actually what the school wants, not difficult child's needs, and that there were no real accommodations or helps to get difficult child to her stated goals. She has agreed to go with me to the next meeting. Pretty bad when her first words were, "You definately need some help".

    It's kind of nice to have validation that I have been right this whole time.:D Sometimes that is just the shot in the arm you need.

    Still angry at school, but feeling a little more empowered to get them to do things right. Thank goodness for advocates who care and won't take guff from the schools.:happyguy:
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    I'm glad you have an advocate to go with you so I won't comment further except to say that be SURE the IEP is written in measurable goals so that you can have a way to hold them accountable (to make needed changes) if difficult child does not make progress.

    Try to figure out what they are afraid of that is making them act this way...that's not always the case (sometimes they are just malicious) but often there s a fear that if they give your child what she needs, XXX bad thing will happen...

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    Hang in looks like you have an advocate who is going to assidst you and your difficult child.

    I often feel the same one understands and it is just a big fight. Best of luck to you!