so confused over this suspension letter

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  1. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    we finally got a copy today. It was written yesterday. I'm sure it's because of my student record request I faxed to the principal yesterday also requesting this letter since we had not gotten anything in writing on her suspension.

    how come it's written yesterday when the incident was last Thursday?

    and the suspension is listed on here as nov 14-21....but she's not welcome back until the 24th.....and no mention as to why there's that gap:erm:
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  2. witzend

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    Isn't the gap because 21st is Friday, so he can't return to school until Monday? Or am I missing something? I wouldn't fight them on that one. I'm guessing that they didn't write the letter until Monday because they had to gather notes and have discussion as to the appropriate suspension (maybe with the district?) before they typed them up in letter form.

    What else does it say?
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    I think Witz is correct in regards to the suspention dates. She is suspended through and including the 21st - making her first day back to school Monday the 24th.

    As to why the form was not written until Tuesday when the incident happened on Friday - that would have to be a guess on anyone's part unless you are willing to ask about it. It could be that they were gathering facts, it could be that your reqeuest reminded them they had not done formal paperwork - I'm not sure you will ever know why the form was not done on Friday. If there were some deceit going on though, they would not have dated it Tuesday, it would have been back-dated - I'm not sure it is a significant detail. But, I've been wrong before!

  4. klmno

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    I'm not sure about the letter, but I gather that your gut feeling is telling you something isn't kosher. When I felt that way about the sd, one of the things I did was to look up our state regs regarding suspension procedures (particularly for kids with an IEP). I found them pretty easily on the web. (First, go to your state's site for the Dept. of Education and look for a link.) Anyway, if you look around on that you'll probably find out for sure if there is anything amiss.
  5. Nancy423

    Nancy423 do I have to be the mom?

    woah, wait. Last night I looked and thought it said Wed's date that she was allowed back. Now I look and it's Monday's date.

    The letter says "An additional parent conference will not be necessary before Emily returns to class on November 24, 2008" but this letter is from the vice principal. The principal says she's not allowed back until Nov 26th after the IEP meeting.

    I need to call. They're either not communicating with each other, or not communicating with me.
  6. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Communication IS a lost art.....

    And I've been where you are now with the suspension and IEP upgrade thing. Sorry I haven't been here for you - working 2 jobs I barely have time to buy kleenex to wipe my own nose. lol :tongue:

    First off - I also would NOT fight them on this - BUT I WOULD make sure that you GET all that you NEED for your daughter in her IEP. If you want her to have a shadow? THEY will pay for it. If you want her to have less homework so her life at home isn't so stressful? THEY can do that. If you want them to just blow away like dust? (it was my wish) nada - not gonna happen. (wishful thinking). If you want her put into a SPED or self contained class 1/2 a day and STILL do extra curricular activities - like art, band, music - THEY CAN DO THAT TOO - and most SD's are willing to work with you. MOST.....BUT you HAVE GOT TO SHOW THEM THAT YOUR FAMILY IS UNITED IN DOING THE BEST THING TO GET YOUR DAUGHTER HER EDUCATION and in doing that? YOU show up to meetings, and go to those meetings EDUCATED in 504 laws, and IEP wishes......

    You can EVEN petition the school for a tutor after school.....

    What does she need?
    Where are her stressors?
    Is the teacher that she has educated in children with HER particular type of disorder?
    What would help her the most (ASK HER TO BE SERIOUS)
    WHAT are her goals? Attainable short term goals?
    Can she have a shadow so that if she is disruptive in class he/she can tap her on the shoulder and GO for a walk/take a break - have a talk then return to the class and get busy with her work.

    We forget a lot of times that our kids are not minature versions of ourselves BUT in a lot of ways - ARE in need of the same things at any age- I work, I get boiling mad - I ......can get up and take a break. Does she have that option in school? Nope - not unless it's written down in an IEP.

    The fact that she's OUT of school now? Is someone/////ANYONE offering to go get or bring her the assignments so she won't get behind?
    Did you also know you can petition for a TEACHER TO COME TO YOUR HOME and teach her a few hours a day - ????? Yup - and they pay for it.

    Check out the archives here - get into the WHAT and NEED of your daughter's IEP and ask us - we'll help - we're schmart. :smug:

    Some of us even have so many brains in our head God put them in our behinds and now we're called smart I know - Smarty Pants......(phew/whew saved myself from the corner) lol