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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. Jena

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    watching her tonight at her theatre group just so sweet, she puts it all aside, granted she stands alone until their directed and stuff doesn't initiate conversation with the other kids, yet she is smiling watching the other kids and as she is doing her stuff. she got the part Kate in the play Annie she is in, lines and everything, wow!!

    So, she copies the dance perfectly as the director is at the head doing it, she feels good in there when she's singing. I'm smiling writing this. She comes out sweaty, her curls tight from jumping around in the dance room, smile on her face. its' very cool. Yes i'm the nutty parent with whom stares through the glass ducking every so often so she doesn't catch me looking.

    Plays in January, hoping she'll make it up on that stage. I"m staying positive. Its' def. been a good outlet for her. She begins the violin next week, she won school raffle and was one of the ten kids picked to learn it. She gets to take it home she is very excited about that.

    That's the good stuff, that helps through the bad stuff, and today our kite finally went up yesterday was a no go. Today it sailed so high. I won a spaceship kite at a kite festival.
  2. bran155

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    How sweet. Good for her. Congrats to the little diva and the proud mommy!!!
    It's moments like these that make it all worth it. :)
  3. Andy

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    That is so wonderful. What a little sweetie. I am also a window peeker. Always looking for those wonderful moments when my kids are truly enjoying themselves. I also love to see who they are when they don't think I am around.

    Sounds like your sweetie is well on her way to getting an on-stage performance role.
  4. tonime

    tonime toni

    BRAVO!! APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
    Good 4 u
    Good 4 her
    enjoy-- it is wonderful to watch them shine!!
  5. Jena

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    thanks guys, yes it was very sweet to watch her in there. it's hard to explain how she is when she is singing and dancing, she is without fear if that makes sense, tenseness is there yet the pleasure on her face is amazing. it doesn't always happen that way, yet since they gave her, her role which was two classes ago she seems to be filled with pride.

    very very cool.
  6. Pookybear66

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    Jennifer-I'm so happy for you and your daughter. You keep flying that kite as long as it will stay up!
  7. Lillyth

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    I am sooooooooo happy for you. I know how hard it has been for you lately. I'm glad you had a great day, and got to see your little one soar...:beautifulthing:
  8. TerryJ2

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    Cool. Congrats!
    Neat kite design. Glad it went up.