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    The guy I'll be working with most, at least initially, revealed to me himself that he does drugs on a regular basis (it appears to me that it must be a serious habit) and since he told me this himself, I sure don't have reason to not believe it. He also said that boss basicly told him he did, too. He said that boss went around things to avoid drug/urine tests for himself and others.

    To me, that explains a lot about why boss acts like a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and why boss made issue over me needing this physical to be tested for drugs/communicable diseases/something else but I don't remember what, all in front of clients' rep then would never get back to me on actual specifics needed to schedule it.

    Well, I just need to network and find a better position, I think, as discussed before. I don't need this kind of koi. I have a past hx with this client and drug usage. I haven't done them in over 20 years. I don't need difficult child ever getting the idea this is ok. I don't need this client ever thinking I think it's ok. I don't want to ever be thought of as someone who covered for boss or this other employee.

    This other employee and I are supposed to visit a place out of town in a week or so and he's already "mentioned" that since we aren't traveling in the same car, he needed a place to stash his stuff until he could get to a "safer" area. Well, I'll be darned if he's going to stash it with me, in my car, or in my hotel room!
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    This is one of those times you just go hmmm and do the smile and nod bit. You do nothing, know nothing and answer nothing. Just ignore and stay away from close communications and alliances. No, you dont carry anything for coworker, no you dont stay in same room, no you dont want to discuss past issues, blah blah blah. Work only. No way to know if this is a test or what. Just act friendly and professional. If they are a bunch of folks who do drugs off the job, not your business anyway.
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    Stay as far away from those issues as you can. Discuss them with absolutely NOONE, including the coworker or the boss. If they bring the topic up act like you can't hear what they're saying.
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    Yeah, I'd pretend not to hear all of that too, but it does explain a lot of things about your boss! Does this other guy think that you will help him hide his stash? OMG! Just make darned sure he doesn't get a chance to have access to any of your belongings, luggage, etc.!

    That's kind of odd about the drug testing! Most places require drug testing for new employees these days but it's usually arranged by the HR people, not left up to the individual supervisor to schedule it and make sure that it's done! That part sounds very strange.
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    Makes me sick. How can he assume it's okay to tell you, a newbie?

    difficult child 1 recently told me that he has smoked pot with the Chief of Police of the small community in Maine from which we moved. It's everywhere. I once went to this cop to get help for difficult child 2 when he was on drugs. I asked him "what has happened to our sense of honor in this great country?". Now I know he was probably laughing behind my back.
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    It IS everywhere and it puts you in a very awkward position!

    A few years back we had a new supervisor come in at work. One of my friends had gone to the dentist with an abcessed tooth and had been put on very strong pain pills but they made her sick, so she had to stop taking them and start taking a different prescription. Since he was her boss, she had to tell him that she had to go back to the dentist to get a different prescription. At the mention of pain pills, the new supervisor perked right up and wanted to know what kind they were and how many she had and offered to buy the unused pills from her! He had been there exactly two days at the time, and it was the beginning of the end right there! We all knew about it but she hadn't reported it to anyone "official". Didn't matter though because soon enough he had dug his own hole and was gone!
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    See my profile picture? Do that.

    Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. Keeps ya outta troubles.

    And yeah, it's everywhere. Wanna scare? 35 percent of all nurses are addicts and lose their licenses each year.........that is just the ones that were caught.

    If I come across it in the work place I am forced to turn them in or risk my own job and license. But then I would anyway. Different environment / circumstances because patient safety is at stake.
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    Well, Lisa, I might be in a similar situation. Look at my FB profile since it's been updated. And it's not just my rear I'm thinking about, it's the fact that this "client" group are the ones who gave me rehab when I begged for it, allowing me to turn my life around so I am more than a little indebted to them. And just exactly how am I supposed to stay firm that difficult child can't do this if I'm turning a blind eye at work? It just really ticks me off. And, NO WAY is this guy stashing anything on me or anywhere that is in my name. There's NO WAY this client would tolerate this if they knew but if this private company lost the contract, I'd be out of a job.
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    I would do my best to ignore as much as possible. However, if a conversation is one-on-one and this guy makes a direct comment about his (or boss's) drug use to you, I think it is entirely appropriate to say something like "I feel uncomfortable hearing about comments any type of illegal drug use. Especially about people I work with every day. It also could put me in a awkward position if ever directly asked by a superior regarding suspected drug use by specific employees. It would be better for both of us if this remains a topic off the table of conversation ok?"
    As for difficult child, I wouldn't mention it at all to him. No influence on him will occur that way. And sometimes in adult working situations, we run across this koi and I'm sure some people would quickly report these guys, most of us would sensibly just want to not hear anything further and move on. Afterall, in this job market, most of us wouldn't want to rock any boat or make enemies at work. Jobs are a precious commodity right now.
    Sorry you have to listen to this ****. I would 100% make sure this is mentioned if he brings up the talk again about how to transport drugs on a business trip!!!
    Beyond making sure somehow he gets that you don't want to hear about it, I would keep it so far under your hat it never comes out again. It is very unfair that he has put you in position to know something like this. I do hope that it doesn't affect his work performance. Other than that, sometimes you have no choice for self preservation to just turn a blind eye. The only reason I'd ever bring it up again is if something drastic occurs to affect the job that jeopardizes the company etc.
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    I like that idea! Thanks!