So proud of difficult child

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Thursday difficult child was approached by a woman who was panhandling. She asked him for money for the bus fare. He told her he didn't have any money. Then she told him she was hungry and he pointed out a place where she could buy lunch.

He turned to look at the electronic bus schedule and the next thing he knew, she had run away with his lunch. He actually stopped to think about how it would look if he chased her (amazing for difficult child). He told me that he was worried it would look like he was trying to steal her lunch. I thought he handled it really well.

The net day I asked a police officer I knew if I should report it and he said we should because they may know who she was and otherwise it may keep happening. I called and explained what had happened and how my son was a special needs son. He was very nice and told us that it would probably be next to impossible to catch her, however, then he talked to difficult child on the phone (and difficult child has trouble on the phone). After that he said he was 90-100% sure he knew who it was. He said although it wasn't a high priority call he was angry and it didn't sit right with him because difficult child is considered a vulnerable adult.

Yesterday after difficult child got off work, we took him down to the police station and the officer interviewed him. He says if they can prove it was her getting of the bus that difficult child saw her getting off then he was going to arrest her but he doesn't know if the DA will press charges. He said she is not homeless and has some money but she does this all over the city.

Just thought I would share a good police story-we read about so many bad ones and this one has been handled so well. difficult child may have to identify her in pictures so now we wait and see. So proud of difficult child for handling this so well!

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I am glad the officer responded as he did, and that your son thought about what to do at that moment. How smart of him to think vs, react, in the of shock and surprise of such a thing!
A panhandling, lunch stealing woman. What a sad, strange world we live in.



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Thursday difficult child was approached by a woman who was panhandling
We are remodeling a home in the good enough but not so great part of town. The idea is that my son live in part of it.

We got a good deal because homeless were entering and staying on the property. Defacing walls. Writing horrible stuff. Filthy. You get the drift.

My son has been off and on homeless for 4 years. So, the shoe is on the other foot now.

He says he never trespassed (except one time at a college where he tried to sleep outside.) He is so offended by how offensive they are. They stole M's tools right from where he was working. They are insolent and disrespectful. They keep coming back. (We have boarded everything up. Maybe it is secure now.)

I think it is really important that our children are able to see where they could go but do not. It is important for us to see it too.

That is why what your son did is so important. There are so many other (not good) choices he could have made and could still make. He does not.

What a good mom you are to be so proud. It hurts sometimes for them and for us the hard times they have. Thank you for affirming your son's good choices. It does you credit.


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Your son made your proud, did the right thing and we all rejoice in this upbeat post. I also think the officer(s) deserved kudos too for taking the time to speak to your son. I'm so glad it was handled well. Thank you for sharing.